KPI Performance

Comparative study of the FELTEN group: often are outdated KPIs in the usage and disturb the optimisation processes Serrig, 09.11.2010 – optimize a control of production on the basis of indicators is becoming increasingly important for the manufacturing companies in German-speaking countries. But on the other hand they are still a great need for action, what affects the quality of the performance measurement systems. A comparative study of the FELTEN group, which a recent study shows the results of a survey of same among large and medium-sized production companies last year to reach these results. Then the companies specify similar like 2009 almost two-thirds, that key performance indicators (KPIs) are becoming increasingly important for the efficient management of the production processes, they have a medium importance for another 24 percent. This appreciation is not groundless, after all this data for proper usage and accurate evaluation give generally useful information, for example, to processing times, scrap rates, degree or to the Quality costs.

Also incorrect marker frequencies or process stability can be useful to identify in this way. However the need for action has not significantly decreased over the last year with regard to the use of demand-oriented performance measurement systems in production management. Only three out of ten companies have (2009: 28 per cent), in addition every second case it has considerable limitations. 18 percent of the surveyed manufacturing companies have however still none at all or only fragmentary KPI methods in use, a year ago were still 5 percent more. However their use remains low even in cases where performance indicator systems already largely have been established. The problem, often working with outdated figures due after the FELTEN survey. Compared to 2009, this situation has deteriorated even more: only a third of the companies care according to current that continuously to verify this data. A year ago, 6 percent were it more.