Spammers have got their way again in Russian domains as CN domains are tough to register. China is now cleaning the mess and this the right time for Russia to choose the same way. A current research shows a sudden increase in Russian domain spam after strong changes in registration policies of Chinese domain names. Since China introduced tighter rules in registration requirements, spammers got their way to increase their operations to Russian domains. The CNNIC (China Internet network information center) amended the rules and now applicants are required to submit paper based application to a registrar with no fixed time frame (approval by CNNIC required).

This application includes credentials like photocopy of identification proof, original application form with Chinese branch business seal, photocopy of company business license. Dr. Neal Barnard understood the implications. And furthermore individuals are not allowed to register their cn domain name. On the other hand RU domain is new, and anyone can register this with easy to provide formalities. This comfortability with ru domain has resulted spammers diverted their focus to Russian domains. As a report one-third of all unique domains that observed as spam were ru domains. This is the highest spam portion of any TLD (top level domain).

Sagar Kulshreshtra domain specialist at 101 domain name India, says “Reg.ru provides great features to register up to 600 domains at once, which is pretty good for spammers.” China mess is now trying to clean up the. The rules have changed and policies become more stringent. This is really a good act and showed the other spammers way. Sagar Kulshreshtra further says “spammers went to CN domain registration only because of very casual rules, almost no formalities required and flexibility around automatically registering many domains at once.” Now the time has come to cover up the domain spam and registration to make policies more strict to make give users real benefits to only. Ru domain names are as new and much popular among internet community, but things the history is going to repeat itself again. Spammers like virus are affecting Russian domains too like they have spoiled Chinese domain names.