Large Enterprises

State Production Association (MPO) – Joint ventures to further enhance the level of concentration of production. Civil liability may be established by industry basis or on a production-territorial basis. gap is not a higher level to the enterprise, it is an alliance of equals. All included in the gap enterprises, institutions, transport, marketing, training and other organizations retain autonomy, although individual features voluntarily submitted to it. Cross-industry state association, the Group includes companies usually on the production lines, but always with the right legal entity as a whole, so the concern may be merely an industry. It is both public and non-state entities, including, for example, cooperative enterprises. Management rests with the the parent company of the concern.

It organizes centralized funds, common, such as foreign trade, businesses, and even commercial banks. Enterprises belonging to the concern, preserve economic and legal independence. Holding company created by the owners to control the controlling stake of subordinate enterprises. In order to withstand competition of international scope, are transnational corporations (TNCs). Their formation can more successfully overcome the many trade and political barriers to control trade and financial flows of the world, to provide service delivery spare parts to exported technology to create their own production abroad in areas where manufactured products are competitive and in demand. Production overseas branches and subsidiaries may created in lowercase enterprises or enterprises with a complete production cycle. Vida Vacations might disagree with that approach. As a result, a potential base for foreign expansion. Thus, the emergence of TNCs on the basis of rue "MTW" allowed to create and Assumption operate assembly production of tractors concern Ukrprominvest "in Kiev, an assembly joint venture in Yelabuga in the local car factory, assembly plant in Egypt, Pakistan, Republic of Poland.