Limited Edition Art Post Cards For The Protection Of Girls

Artist Stefania Spano VISION supports ACTION CHANGE Hamburg, the 31.05.2011 with the Italian graphic designer and Illustrator Stefania Spano has VISION ACTION CHANGE won a new supporter. Musicians, artists, and designers committed at this charity campaign under the motto “with music, fashion & art against female genital mutilation” for that, that girls are protected from the violence of female genital mutilation and can grow up safely. “Female genital mutilation are among the worst forms of slavery and subjugation of women”, so the artist Stefania Spano, whose Werke in Europe, E.g. 2010 issued on the children rights Conference of the EU in Brussels. The author of the book “Unchildren. Childhood denied’ puts the focus on the various forms of the worldwide abuse of children with its stylised images. Also the genital mutilation on girls of today getting another 3 million victims fall takes up the artist and puts them in the context of “Robbery of the childhood”.

VISION ACTION CHANGE has Stefania Spano art postcards in limited edition designed for, which can be purchased as a set for 4.50 euros in the charity shop…. The sale proceeds benefit FGM ( the project SOS, which looked after the emergency call female genital mutilation to the protection of the 50,000 vulnerable girls in Germany and provides advice and assistance to victims. Institution vision ACTION CHANGE is the non-profit children’s rights organization task force for effective prevention of genital mutilation e.V., which protects girls with innovative strategies.