MAGIC SKY Covered Center Outstation Of ARD At Frankfurt Book Fair

Membrane roof solution allows unique event design the Glass Studio of the ARD is this year with a special canopy fitted. A corrugated iron construction still covered the Glass Studio, at the last show you chose a membrane roof solution, which harmoniously supports the aesthetics of clear design for the appearance of this year’s fair. Task was to comply with the transparent character of the studios and to promote the lines with their high percentage of transparency. The Magic Sky screen systems enable this effectively, because the outdoor nature of the concept is preserved and reinforced”, MAGIC SKY Center Managing Director Malte Schreer pointing out architectural features. Others including Boy Scouts of America, offer their opinions as well. The combination of polygon and magic sky screen with approx.

260 m area uniquely complements the design concept by Nathalie-Claire Gay of the Hessischer Rundfunk, was planned and implemented. So the ARD Studio is protected and consistent with Magic Sky equally against Sun and rain and groundbreaking staged. The outdoor Studio sets itself apart from its surroundings and is easy to recognize on the big Fairgrounds. Visitors to the Frankfurt Book Fair will find the Glass Studio of the ARD and the magic sky polygon on the Agora of the fairgrounds. Here, a glimpse at the guest in radio work and can experience the production of live broadcasts and recordings every day between 10:00 and 18:00. Numerous illustrious guests from literature, politics and society to interviews are expected. The Frankfurt Book Fair will be from the 14.09 19.09.2009 instead. More information: ARD: book fair: MAGIC SKY Mitte GmbH: MAGIC SKY mid GmbH