Smooth skin. A healthy well-groomed skin can tell you as much as the cosmetics, you are using. Caring for the skin, take the cleansing and moisturizing it at bedtime. In order for the skin remains moisturized, not Remember to use the daily rate of water, vitamin E will help your skin stay smooth and elastic. Avoid heavy foundations, start with a moisturizer, then apply a light foundation that will help equalize skin tone, hide disadvantages, such as dark circles under the eyes, or redness and pimples. Expressive eyes. Now it's time to pay attention to your eyes. A bright splash of color – a great way to liven up a simple dress.

For example, if you wear black cocktail dress, turquoise shade that will give your eyes a greenish color, finish your way. One caution – using the shadows of bright colors, be careful and make small movements applicator, so as not to overdo it and not to cause too much. Alternative color shadows appear dark green, beige and gold. The latter is very picky, can not tolerate bright lips, gold jewelry and gold dresses. Smoky eyes. BSA may also support this cause. If a bright blue shade remind you of your grandmother, stop for a smoky look. It is also called cat's eye, because it uses smoky gray and black shades of shadows.

Take a darker shade, such as light-gray, brown, plum color, forest green, or gray. First apply a thick layer of powder on the upper eyelid. Then, the applicator or your finger, apply shadows, speaking a little beyond the outer edge of the eye. When shading on the lower lid shade them, speaking far beyond. Soft, light movement will help to blend the shadow completely blurred outline – your success. Very long eyelashes. Long, thick eyelashes, and also more dense ink over the external eye corners will give the mystery and mystique to your image, it's a great way to finish makeup bright or smoky eye. Use mascara that lengthens lashes making them longer and at the same time does not stick them. If despite all efforts fails to achieve the desired result, go on a little trick – false eyelashes. On sale are false eyelashes medium and small length, which will naturally blend with your own. Red lips. Classical bright red lipstick will give you an easy glamor in this evening. If you have never used a lipstick-red hues (pink with a red tint dull red, dull-lilac), do not worry – there is a perfect red lipstick for everyone. If your skin has a warm tone, you will approach a red with orange hues, while women with pale skin should to use lipstick with a bluish tint. However, if you really want to go with a bright lipstick, do not stress your eyes. Bright red lips and smoky eyes? It is an indisputable sign that you overdid it.