Managing The Situation

The idea is that it was necessary to document a loss and go on his sudden affairs or thinking of nothing but: on the one hand, I do not want to fix existing damage, and on the other of my preliminary forecasts suggest a good chance that the market will soon unfold in my direction. So, I decided that I can cope with the situation having on hand an expensive pda As a result, I want to now admit that There were several recklessly. No, I have not lost their trading deposit, in the end I managed to close all the transactions with a total plus. But it turns out in practice, I do not fully represent the complexities with which I had to face reality, and this led to what your trading deposit I put quite a serious and unjustified risk But, now I have the experience. And this experience I want to share in this article. So, if you decide somewhere to leave and continue their business activities through a mobile device, you should know: 1. First, let me repeat what has already managed to say.

If the situation makes you somewhere to go for a long time, it is better to close all existing positions and to travel time not to think about trading. Even have to fix minor damages. Then, in familiar surroundings and, thanks to your strategy, you waste them anyway to win. During the trip, you do not get all the time watch the market and give it your full attention. .