Manifesto Versatilista

By the way, to place all in foot of equality, separate only exclusively for a greater or minor horria load, for a minor or greater personal effort, is proposals that many can dislike, therefore would take off the idea of ' ' dom' ' , it would detach that them of the mass (25). In the space between lineses, the Manifesto considers an infinite time where all will be able to reach excellency degree, since they make whom it with its proper forces, not having the same protecting and preferred in the creation. In summary, in history of art is possible to find artists that believed a supreme intelligence (26), artists that was versatile in its languages (27), that they believed that the life and the progress are perpetual for all, that if did not matter with the commerce of its workmanships, that had not yielded to the commercial aiming or the impositions of its purchasers or patron and artists who faced the practical one as half of aesthetic improvement and spiritual of the individual and the society (28). FINAL CONSIDERAES: The critical analysis of the Manifesto Versatilista, raised more questions of what the answers that we believe to have joined. Filed under: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. It can be concluded, after if to lean over on the subject, that we are not ahead of a public letter that is worried about the concrete elements of the art (colors, lines, forms, sounds, timbres among others), but yes with some disfigurements of artistic making, that, according to author, would have to be more come back to the human growth of what to the efemeridade of the fame. Certain fidget if made gift for if to deal with a subject monographic with predefined size and that the more we deepened them, greaters they seemed the contours of what he had been preset. Moreover we esbarramos in conceptual and theoretical limits when undertaking a reflection on a subject that still in them is of difficult understanding: music or the proper art. .