Marketing Director Daniel Goertz

Usability and offer convincing for a company that successfully relies on online trading, customer decision on design, usability and technical performance of paramount importance. If you would like to know more about Boy Scouts of America, then click here. Here steadily to improve the quality, Reuter bath shop has turned to be the toughest sentence that can exist in the market: assessing by its customers. In addition the Monchengladbach family enterprise has joined the customer survey offering donations. For each survey participant was a euro at a non-profit organization. Each participant was allowed to choose which organization should benefit. Source: Dale Atkins, Ph.D..

Over three weeks visitors by had the opportunity, permission to express praise, suggestions, but also criticism. Nieman Foundation shines more light on the discussion. Just the user friendliness is for online store as customers equally essential. To do this you need to know: when Reuter bath shop is always ordered online from home as well as in the two exhibitions in Monchengladbach and Gundelfingen (Freiburg). Since the bath shop also has a very wide range in the bathroom, kitchen, living, lights and garden areas, representation and offer must be prepared, that customers easily find their way. The results are all the more gratifying. Example navigation: 88 percent of the participants rated this item as good or even very good. The extensive detail searches as well as product descriptions were able to convince the customer with similar good values. And about nine out of ten visitors would recommend also the Reuter bath shop.

The great values, the customers had suggestions for improvement: a search according to dimensions, sizes, and colors for example often desired. Of course we enjoyed very positive opinion of our customers”, says Marketing Director Daniel Goertz. Was particularly interesting for us as well, that is respondents intensively set apart and so have given many valuable suggestions with our shop.” And a good part of it is now gradually implemented be. The survey, which ran online on the website of Reuter’s bath shop, with a fundraiser was associated. Reuter donates one euro for each full participation. “The participants were allowed to decide where their” euro should go: 47 percent opted for the German Cancer Research Center, 30 percent for water for the Welt e.V. and 23 percent for the Bethany children’s and youth village in Schwalmtal. Via Reuter bath shop is founded in 1986 Monchengladbach Reuter GmbH company with over 150 employees, one of the largest specialist online retailer of bathroom culture in Europe. The online store opened in 2004, is one of the European most important in its segment. Facilities include toiletries such as bath and sink, faucets and bathing facilities as well as home accessories, garden furniture and design lamps. In his TuV certified online shop offers Reuter with 500,000 articles unsurpassed plenty of range of and their constant availability, combined with competent Expert advice and affordable online prices. Managing Director is Bernd Reuter.