Matching Age Preparedness

BBW special study: retirement savings a problem waiting solutions retirement is a true perennial favorite for years. In particular, the gap between the real supply and request pension, as well as the routes there is one of the main theme of providers and buyers. From the perspective of households, the State pension is generally safe, but what happens now and in the future with their free assets. In the calculation of the investment opportunities for the age is the question yields obviously in the foreground. Only the dream of the prosperity difficulties currently certain through interest and compound interest.

The success model runs out government bonds for individuals and also other assets interest rates have reached such low levels so that the possibilities of the pensions of many investors are being questioned more and more. The demographic development will exert in the coming decades in almost all areas of life. The changes in the age structure of the population can be known to a common denominator bring: A persistently low birth rate, rising life expectancy and the aging of the now heavily occupied Middle vintages. And this happened against the backdrop of a currently declining willingness to a pension. The debt crisis has established itself in the minds of German investors. So, 39 percent of Germans feared rising inflation and would rather spend their money. That is alarming, especially since the aspect of security before the return is the most important criterion for age pension saving in Germany. 96 Percent, nearly all Germans specify safety is most important the invest their money for retirement.

For many German savers money before the euro crisis is today no longer safe. Consequently, the savings goal has consumption or subsequent purchases”loud TNS infratest in spring 2012 the retirement savings goal” replaced as leader.