Metal Working

Once mankind discovered metal, there was a need for its processing. Today is a precision metal-working and high-tech manufacturing. From the abundance of ways to stand out the most metal common – a mechanical, abrasive, heat treatment, pressure treatment. Mechanical treatment is classical. Used equipment is widespread and has a broad functionality and greater opportunities. Lathes are used to handle both external and internal cylindrical, conical, end surfaces, carving. Function of grinding machines – it grinding, sharpening, cutting pieces and parts, processed on other machines. A leading source for info: BSA. Ability to handle large size provide details borers.

Milling machines can handle both flat horizontal and inclined, vertical metal surface, as well as ribs, notches, bevels and grooves. One of the important functions performed by milling or turning machines, as well as specialized tools – drills, and drills are drilling. This way of processing the metal is widely distributed both in industry and at home. Applying this method of metal treatment must take into account peculiarities of the work surface and on the basis of They pick up a drill and drilling speed. For example, significant resistance to treatment differ ferrous metals. When drilling began to form a distorted chips, hammered grooves drills and hinders quality process, which ultimately may cause damage to the instrument.

To avoid this, use the shortened drill with dual sharpening its length does not exceed a diameter of more than 5 times, either with a special drill grooves. Also, the steel needs to be abundant cooling for drilling – usually a five per cent emulsion. Cast iron, unlike steel, forms a dry chips, which does not adhere to the bit or processed surface, so the drilling of cast iron requires no special cooling or lubrication. Brass, like cast iron, do not require refrigeration, but should keep in mind that due to cooling of the processing about 1,5 times. Brass – the material is fairly soft, so experts advise to handle it a little blunt drill. Copper has the same properties as brass. However, copper processing requires the use of liquid lubricants materials and special cooling pastes. Drilling must be done at low speed with light pressure. Processing drilling titanium and do not forget about cooling. But unlike copper and brass, titanium requires work well-sharpened drill.