Michael Jackson

If you’re a staunch fan of Michael Jackson as we inform you that you’re in luck and bring out your artistic license from the trunk. Sony Music, along with the memories of Jackson, will soon launch the project of the video Behind The Mask, which asks fans of Michael to help contribute to the new music video for this song. At Nieman Foundation you will find additional information. The project starts on March 7, in which his fans demonstrate their skills on a website adapted to this call. There, people can select a movement, letter or public reaction and incorporate it in the video, or even use their web cams to contribute with their own dance moves. Then the director, Dennis Liu, will choose the best clips and integrate them in the final video, which will be launched during the first week of April. If this formula sounds familiar, it is because the project is being led by the creative team of Radical Media, who also worked on the Johnny Cash project. This initiative produced the video for the album crowdsourced Cash Ain t Not serious, which was nominated for best music Video Version short in the 53rd Grammy Awards (unfortunately, lost to the monstrous fame, Lady Gaga). “Behind the Mask” is a tribute song to Michael, a disc which, after his death, appeared in December, and repeatedly rang the website both Jackson and the Ping of pre-release.