Monolithic Structure

This monolithic structure is the one that Isidro Lopez thinks that 15-M has managed to break. Privatization. In front of the privatizadora wave that praises financial Capitalism – as solution to the high deficits public 15-M proposes the recovery of the enterprise public sector. Read more here: David Bershad. In particular, with respect to basic services like the health or the education, that considers that they are in risk progressively. Portugal. The country luso has been the third and, until now, last Member State of the EU that has been rescued. The strict plans of adjustment that entails the rescue have supposed less public cost, privatizations and more imposing. And, like it was foreseeable, all this has ended at a political instability that has ended the government of Jose Scrates and brought about an increasing social displeasure.

Rrndum. If in other countries they become, why in Spain no? The movement of 15-M wants " to concentrate in a few concrete vindications. And one of first that considers is the call of a binding rrndum on the labor reform and of pensiones" , according to Bibiana Medialdea explains. Distribution of the work. " The unique way from which we remove five million unemployed is that those who have work work less and those than are stopped have a little more. This became at the end of the ninety in France and in three months they cleared 1.5 million of parados" , Arcadi Oliveres explains.

This economist remembers in addition who is an historical tendency: from the 16 hours that worked before to the 8 present ones. Unions. Its paper is controversial. The movement 15-M has defined from the beginning as apartidista and asindical, although slogans have been listened to and placards in the protests against the majority unions, the UGT and CC.OO. have been seen, to which it is accused to betray his principles. For that reason, these have kept a careful silence that, between some union pictures of CC.OO., already has begun to break requesting to the direction the express support of a movement that defends " aspects irrenunciables" of " diaria&quot fights union and sociopolitical;. ' Tobin&#039 rate;. While the circulation of people is subject to restrictions, the money travels by the world at enormous speed and without control. The Tobin rate, that takes its name from Nobel of Economy James Tobin, proposes a tax to international the financial transactions. Campaign ITF Already, that supports multitude of social organizations, demands its implantation, but to just as other international fiscal measures, as the fight against the fiscal paradises where the great fortunes hide, needs international a joint action. House. The right to a worthy house, recognized in the Constitution, has been always a vertex in the economy of the families and, therefore, object of mobilizations for decades: of the occupations of empty houses by families without resources that were done in the seventy to the oustings that the social pressure is managing to avoid in the last weeks, happening through the movements by a worthy house of last the ten years. " For which for basic goods as the house is necessary to get into debt itself of by life? " , Lopez asks itself to Isidro. One of so many questions to which 15-M wants to give answer. Source of the news: The economic thought that maintains the protests of 15-M