Motivating Children

Optimum incentive or motivation that the child can have, in its home or the school, is the existence of an atmosphere where the sensitive relations with objects and the half ones are stimulated all the moment and not only when they destine the artistic expression. ' ' The life and the art are inseparveis' ' (LOWENFELD, 1977 P. 42). Developing such environment, the child will be stimulated for whom the fence and, prematurely encouraged to use all ahead the agencies of the direction as well as its feelings, that will react sensitively, conserving itself malleable of the diverse stimulatons that will come to its meeting. FINAL CONSIDERAES the subject argued here are including, and of basic importance for the knowledge of all the involved ones with the education. Many are the professionals who finish if coming across with children who do not present income in the learning from there and what to think? They are the professors whom they do not know to teach or the pupils who do not want to learn? After reading the respect very, studying the changes of some techniques, or even though to think that if it must ask for the aid of the family or the pedagogical team, us professors we perceive that the problem is very beyond the classroom and at this moment it is important that these pupils are directed for specialized professionals and that they can point ways with respect to the solution of these problems. You may wish to learn more. If so, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is the place to go. All this work consists of searching the solution through the art, or better, the art-psico-therapeutical resources, that can and must be used with children marked for the failure pertaining to school. The objective greater of the arteterapia is not to cure children, but yes to act preventively, by means of ' ' doses of arte' ' , so that these children do not persist in the difficulties of learning, so that they do not fail pertaining toally school much less finish running away from our schools. .