The archaeological centre Hitzacker makes a museum visit the bronze age Alder bar children or young people find boring, they say. Forget it! In the archaeological Center of Hitzacker is quite different. Here a village from the bronze age was built on a site which has been settled since 3000 years BC. Everything can be handled and examined. You exceed even over a simple tree ladder under the roof in the nave. Stones to tee-off of arrowheads or stone knives are provided. Goggles are available on a stake. In the pond of the victims, cavorting frogs and water lilies bloom.

A varied programme for children, young people and adults will be offered: bow building and dugout canoes, basket weaving, cooking with wild herbs, make beautiful wool, potters in early historical way, participate in excavations himself and much more. Only the detailed descriptions on boards on the way remind one that it is in a museum. In the Interior of the longhouses built of unhewn trees held together with ropes, which covered, the air filled roof with Ried by the smell of a cold fireplace, comes the light only from some few roof openings. In the semi-darkness one feels transported back in those times. By the way, you can learn much about the craft and the life of the people at that time. How worked the field fire, which has been put to right by the way. On the left side it passed shortly before a cult stele. Charcoal pile and race furnaces for iron ore have been built after as well, such as ovens and hearths.

At all, you can approach, touch it, and look at from all sides. Finds from the excavations are shown in the nave of I. The exhibits are not tombs, but the everyday life of the people who have lived here once. There are little jewelry, tableware, simple pottery and Fibulae. This makes the special charm of this museum that not gives a vivid insight into the lives of ordinary people one, in which the Kings and Princes. (Siegfried Kubiak) Clay pot with wheel pattern more photos: