Musikhochschule Lubeck Music

Since then he has performed regularly in Chilean concert series and festivals. His studies began as a student of Margerita Herrera Jacques Ammon at the University of Chile and continued in 1990 with Konrad Elser at the Musikhochschule Lubeck it, which he passes on his experience as a lecturer since 2000 even. In Germany is the Berlin-based artist in major music centers to guest such as the Rheingau Music Festival, the Music Hall and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival occurred. In the autumn of 2002 year he made his debut in Japan. A special artistic concerns is the juxtaposition of classical romantic and Latin American repertoire Jacques Ammon.

Jacques Ammon was artistic consultant for a CD production (EMI) with Latin music of the “12 cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic”, which received a Grammynominierung and the ECHO Award. About Celloproject as a duo, the two artists working together for over ten years and already performed at major concert series such as the Master concerts Baden-Baden, the Dresden Frauenkirche, the WDR Cologne, the Wiener Konzerthaus, at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, as well as in Italy, Belgium, France, the Switzerland, South America, and the United States. At the invitation of the widow of Astor Piazzolla, Laura Escalada de Piazzolla, the duo sang in 2003 “CelloTango” in a Memorial Concert in Buenos Aires. The CD recordings of “CelloPassion”, “CelloTango” and “contrapunctango” were particularly recommended by FAZ and the journal “FonoForum”. in 2004, appeared in a tribute to film music, “CelloCinema”, and found a great echo in the press. Runge and Jacques Ammon see Eckart their artistic self-image in social and padagigischem commitment. Organizations such as “Jeunesses Musicales Germany”, including support through regular charity concerts and direct involvement on the ground “Yehudi Menuhin-life music now”, as well as Youth Orchestra projects in South America.