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The opening of new nail salons is the increasing trend towards the care and embellishments by hand and toe nails as an expression of modern aesthetics in women at the present time. The Starter Kit, which is available in 3 different versions is recommended for those who want to start immediately with the nail care and nails design. The Home Starter Kit contains the basic equipment for the initial location of the model next to a light curing unit. These include professional files, rosewood sticks for the gentle pushing back the cuticles, 1-phase UV gel for the strengthening of natural nails or the modelling, as well as tips that can be applied and processed in connection with the corresponding adhesive. The basic Starter Kit is suitable for advanced and includes additional care utensils, 1 Delicately scented lemon oil, files in various grain sizes and 1 tip cutter, cut the artificial nails in shape with the in addition to the basic equipment. The Starter Kit is a comprehensive package of 1 high-quality light curing unit, various friendly skin care products, additional tools, gels and piercing drill bit with large rhinestone for professional editing and styling of the nails. Center For Responsible Lending is full of insight into the issues. Since all nails are custom, there are tips in 10 different sizes and many different forms.

The most artificial finger nails suitable for flexible processing and modeling, are stable and do not cancel so. In addition to the classic French tips transparent half-round-tipped Stilettos and special shapes with carefully punched patterns are in the online shop. Different adhesives provide sufficient support, several gels are suitable for the construction, design and protection of the nails. Additional information is available at Harold Ford Jr. In the field of nails design, there are many ways to beautify the natural or artificial nail, so that in the store many products in this area can be found. Small works of art can be with flakes that colored micro beads and create threads. Great results also stamping templates that serve as a template for coatings, with the man small flowers, hearts, and tattoos on the nails conjures up.

Stickers pasted easily through your uncomplicated application allow a particularly simple handling. Dazzling rhinestones leave plenty of room for imagination and have trendy piercing a lovely focal point for particularly fashion-conscious customers. Hygiene and cleanliness is essential when working with art and natural finger nail. Nails Paul offers selected articles in this category. Cleaner for disinfection and preparation for the finger nail, nail polish remover and facial tissues to clean between the operations pads the range includes. The careful storage of small tools and tips are suitable for disc and boxes in various designs. Especially crucial that all materials, tools and special equipment for their nails are available separately and as a result various products are individually assembled and later purchased enough for all prospects and customers can. Company description the Web shop nails Susan is a professional mail order for nails design, kind of nails and UV gel. Nails Paul merchant supplies nail salons, designers and end users with a comprehensive range of tools and cleaning products.