Negative Prospects

How can you save the pensions and providing people with an optimal retirement? Focus money reported on the 18th, 2013, the Bertelsmann has published a survey Foundation, which explains the views of pension not to be particularly good. official adults questioned 1004 in the period from September until October 2012. More than half, 52 percent, it is convinced that in 20 years, the retirement age will be increased to 69 years. Also the pension will be so far from certain. A combination of statutory and occupational pensions (bAV) will be insufficient to maintain the standard of living. Demographic change has not only resulted, that people are living longer and later retire, but also the pension level will decrease.

The pension level in Germany is currently 50 percent. According to the calculations and the demographic changes, the pension level will decline in about 20 years up to 43 percent. Higher retirement age and less pension due to dwindling pension level the has the consequence that start working with less monthly pension in retirement. You need to work according to today’s opinion also still two years longer for it. 53 Percent are convinced that the pension level should be maintained at a pension reform. Almost 30 per cent vote against raising the retirement age and 15 percent back against the increase in the pension contribution. 80 Percent of the respondents are for the compulsory insurance for the statutory pension insurance.

Regardless of whether one goes to an employed or self-employed activity. The majority is for occupational retirement provision (bAV) a more private retirement agrees the majority of respondents negative, however, is the obligation to supplementary occupational pensions of many consent. The company pension scheme is currently only available to workers who are compulsorily insured in the statutory pension insurance. According to law, they may require from their employer, that part of their remuneration in the company pension scheme is paid. The percentage will be deducted directly from the gross salary and provides some tax advantages and savings in social security employees, some employers in addition participate in the provision of their employees and pay a proportion of corporate cash into the company pension plan for their employees. Space exists for the optimization of the company pension plan. If necessary, the bAV is a way to satisfy the many citizens are. Read more about the survey on focus.