New Blue Box UHF RFID Reader

iDTRONIC, one of the leading supplier of RFID hardware presents its new bluebox UHF controller with integrated 4-channel of multiplexer for ISO 18000-6B / C transponder. The bluebox controller UHF 4CH is a flexible 860-960 MHz reader / writer with an internal 4 channel of multiplexer, which allows up to 4 antennas simultaneously to operate. The reading range can be up to 10 metres, with 1W RF power. Through the built-in Impinj R1000 processor can be used controller UHF the Bluebox, both in Europe and in the United States and Japan. “In addition to the very important dense reader mode (DRM) offers the reader both the lists before talk” feature as also the anti-self jamming (ASJ) technology, which allows the user to operate multiple readers simultaneously in a multi reader environment. iDTRONIC’s blue box UHF RFID reader will be available Ethernet and PROFIBUS interfaces RS232/RS485. The CE approved reader has an IP65 protected housing, two digital inputs and 2 digital outputs which are very easy with external relay or sensors allow to connect. The UHF variant of the bluebox controller become two different antennas be available for a linear polarized and a circular polarized antenna which a controller the Bluebox, allow reading range up to 10 meters.

iDTRONIC’s blue box UHF RFID Reader features an advanced SDK with extensive demo software. The excellent configuration possibility of Blusen box system makes the reader to different application areas, such as logistics, it easy to adjust inventory control or access control systems. The iDTRONIC Bluebx RFID system will be available for LF, HF and UHF. Different readers and antennas will be available for each frequency range. More information to the bluebox RFID system and additional RFID desktop reader you will get on the Internet.