New Online Service Of Plot For MEDUSA4 Personal Users

New: Online plot service for free CAD software Moers, Germany January 2012: for a long time the CSG’s online portal eSERVICES offers the possibility for commercial use of free CAD software MEDUSA4 personal. Now, also CAD drawings in DIN can be A0, A1, and A2 from plotted, sent by post and used commercially. With the free CAD software MEDUSA4 personal CAD Schroer helps create professional CAD drawings or models for years planning and engineering, craftsmen, model maker or students of different technical disciplines. With the CSG’s online portal eSERVICES allows CAD schroer group small and medium-sized enterprises the commercial use of the 2D 3D CAD freeware. With the new service of plot created with MEDUSA4 personal drawings in DIN can be plotted now A0, A1 or A2. The plotted drawings are then sent by mail to the recipient. Plot service and CAD freeware: eservices.cad free CAD software for small businesses of the new plot service offers to make a very easy way online plotting CAD drawings. After logging in the CSG eSERVICES MEDUSA4 uploaded drawings in a personal area to be plotted.

The system automatically detects the format and the user must only choose which drawing he should be want to have plotted how often. Payment through PayPal is as simple and straightforward. In a very short time, the user then receives his plots by mail. Plot CAD drawings online online plot service includes the engineering cycle for MEDUSA4 personal. In the CAD freeware can existing DXF / DWG invited drawings or raster data and processed. There are several views of a component, it even 3D models can be generated.

Then, these can be converted to the online portal in a PDF or DXF E.g. for documentation or further processing on a CNC machine. Now, including drawings for the production or to take on the construction site can be plotted directly online. The new CSG eSERVICES service of plot offers MEDUSA4 personal users even more productive to use the free 2D 3D CAD freeware. Plots can now easily be ordered via the online portal. Online plotting CAD drawings: eservices.cad about CAD Schroer CAD Schroer is a global developer and provider of engineering solutions. Company of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and supplier industry, as well as the public utilities, energy and water management are its target market. With several branch offices and subsidiaries in Europe and the United States the company presents itself today more and more up-to-date than ever. CAD Schroer’s product range includes solutions from the area of construction, plant construction, factory planning and data management. Companies in 39 countries rely on MEDUSA, MPDS and STHENO / PRO to move efficiently and flexibly in an integrated design environment between all phases of product or system development. In addition, how are customers through services Consulting, training, maintenance and technical support helps achieve their goals. This and an individual customer care ensure higher competitiveness, lower costs and better quality. Contact Michael Schroer CAD of Sakala GmbH Fritz-Peters-Strasse 26-30 47447 Moers website: email: phone: Germany: + 49 2841 9184 0 England: + 44 1223 460 408 France: + 33 141 94 51 40 Switzerland: + 41 44 802 89 80 Italy: + 39 02 38303267 United States: + 1 866-SCHROER (866-724-7637)