Oil Binder ENV – Affordable Scarves, Roles & Locks

The oil Binder type ENV are ideal for environmental industry applications, where low costs and high adsorption capacity oil binders are available as towels, roll and lock type ENV MAXX. Towels adsorb the ENV MAXX to 24-fachen its own weight in oil. MAXX technology, little material is required to take the oil. Because the oil binder is made of very lightweight polystyrene, the disposal costs are very low, in contrast to sand or clay. ENV MAXX wipes are also up to 25% more of the material than other towels, which are available at macro IDENT SORBE agents. Exceptional surface finish makes the product particularly high quality. The material hardly pad and has a high resistance to abrasion. The towels, roll and locks adsorb exclusively oil and mineral oil based fluids.

The material is fully water repellent. Even in fully gesogenem condition it is unsinkable. Therefore is this material particularly suitable for the Water pollution control in lakes, rivers, to use streams or the sea. ENV oil binding roles are intended primarily for marine applications. This oil binder as a role is a very powerful product. There are 96 and 48 cm with a length of 44 meters in the width the roles. Thus can be covered on oil spills on waters with long courses, to soak up the oil.

ENV oil adsorption barriers are world-class locks for adsorbing and limits of oil spills on water. You have an unlimited buoyancy, even in fully vollgesogenem condition. This oil binders are available in standard lengths of 3 meters and a diameter of 13 or 18 centimeters. The ENV locks include a mixture of white and colored oil-binding polypropylene flakes, which are held together by a solid outer hose. MACRO IDENT SORBE agents has a wide range of different oil binders made of polypropylene. Including include towels, locks, cushions, roll, Barrel covers, specific marine products and cereals for filtration. Industrial mats, towels, roller, locking and cushion for emergency kits, chemicals and biological cleaning products for industrial floors, asphalt, macadam and stone – are also in the program.