Old Pension

Thus, a person who was born from the year 1964 when the 67 retirement age have reached to the benefit of the full old-age pension age must be. Unfortunately, the times, in which are a worker completely could leave over the pension than basic safeguarding his livelihood after his active working life. It will be interesting to exercise an ancillary activity not falling into the old-age poverty therefore for more and more people who, have adopted as a result of attaining the retirement pension from her former profession to retire. There are however, some basics that must be observed so that this income does not negatively affects the acquired pension rights and the amount of pension paid out. How much can I earn as a retiree? If an employee with the 65 entered the rule of old-age pension age and a mini job would like to develop a side income, so this is basically pension technically harmless. There are basically no limits for this deserve to. This thing however only applies if the pensioner has made his pension from the free-market economy.

When retired officials during their career in the public service were there in fact add earnings limit. Here the pensioners may make up only the difference with his occupation between his retirement and the last monthly net salary from his active career. But the retirees should keep in mind that any additional income that he refers to in addition to the pension is taxable. The employer who employed the retiree slightly can be up to an income of 400,00 euro flat rate tax these. Still, a lump-sum social security is also due for the employed pensioners. For this reason, an employer to employ a little retired because most employers see the cost / benefit factor not proportionate resist in this country.