Son of the few good news we can get in these times of bad news. I hope that this agreement will succeed, and be the beginning of a real change in dietary health. Pongo show very humble and very personal way, my admiration and support not only this proposal but to any program or campaign that is implemented to give the true dimension of this pandemic, which unfortunately can not be cured by a week drug treatment, or prevented with the application of a vaccine. I think it’s essential to be honest and realistic. Those who like me have a life dedicated to working with people who want to eliminate the damaging excessive fat in your body, you will agree that there is a tiny challenge. Obesity is a chronic disease with a fairly long gestation period. It is also a dependency that eventually becomes an addiction, there comes a time in which takes root, will need to dig deep and hard in order to eliminate this physical imbalance, which seldom is heard, is supported more in a series of physiological emotional deficiencies (especially in adults). Mexico is the land of plenty. Mexicans are very fortunate beings, we enjoy a wide variety of climates and soils. Truly I say and I repeat, we are privileged to enjoy a very broad range of assorted flavors and colors in each of the dishes we sampled.The Mexican cooking may seem contradictory, it is one of the most complete, varied, rich and healthy. It is therefore incredible that we have the Olympic gold medal in obesity and not only adults but also children. Why, if they are vegetables, legumes, fruits and cereals, are the foundation of our diet, seven out of ten people suffer some degree of overweight or obese There are so many factors determining this situation, you should better describe later, each one of the reasons for devoting an article to each one. Returning to the issue of grave national situation is a challenge to unify efforts to raise awareness of and implement the necessary actions to combat obesity. I think that although overweight and obesity are a major health and social course, which involves education and culture of a people, in this case Mexico, we must not forget that we are facing a struggle in it will be very difficult to succeed if we do not eradicate the problem from the tip to the root. I predict that the gains will be more easily reflected in our children and young people than adults.