On Sports

2) Selling links from your homepage. 3) Sale of links / articles to the inside pages. 4) To attract advertisers to purchase banner / articles / pop-up ads. 5) SMS-services – online access, voting via sms, etc. 6) Affiliate programs as a complement to the site. 7) Sale rich-media/pop-up/top-line.

8) Sale of banner impressions. 9) Create a site for the subsequent sale. 10) Rental site or its contacts. 11) Begging. 12) Run the paid service or program / service launch with a ‘commission’. 13) Writing of positive feedback, in fact, hidden marketing.

Earnings that do not require the presence of a website: 1) Partner program as individual projects. 2) Life on referrals. 3) Promotion customer sites with white / gray paths. 4) doorways – promoting black methods. 5) Kiberskvotterstvo. 6) Mediation in any form – in the sale of links, website creation, hosting, banner advertising, etc. 7) Web site, the satellites. 8) Writing a cms, modules to the site – in general, programming. Here is a web designer. 9) Registration of catalogs, sales database directory. 10) copywriting, translation / writing articles on the Order / rewriting. 11) Other types of freelancing – Correction usability, hacking websites / icq / emails. 12) Paid consulting. 13) Paid surfing, reading emails. 14) Forex. Playing on the Stock Exchange, shares of 15) A variety of original, but not runetnye ways of generating income. 16) deceit – fake sites phishing, pyramid, shares a fool. – The earnings that require having a website: 1) Contextual advertising. Contextual advertising – it is a commercial advertising in the form of ads. For example, on my block in the “On Sports” on the right and after each article is contextual advertising on Yandex – Yandex. The contents of ads depends on the subject site, from the text, which is located on the page, for example, if on a news site came news that David returned to the England national football team – very likely in the advertising department will be the announcement of the “Football ‘Afisha’.” Well, if it’s themed site about cars, there will be mostly ads on cars. Here it is important see the presence of advertisers on certain topics, such as on promoting the site to advertisers Yandex.Direct very much, and on software is much less. Payment is per-click ad, the price fluctuates ($ 0.01-a few dollars per click) and depends on the advertiser (and he, in turn, on the theme of your site or pages, advertisers on the “business” pay-per-click several times more than the advertisers on the “fun”) + from many factors. List of major services for content-targeted advertising: – Yandex. Greater number of advertisers with respect to a runner. True, WebMoney payments only here. – Begun. For me, plus the fact that they take entertainment sites, the rules less stringent, click more expensive than in H. Direct. – Google Adsense. Few advertisers for sites in Russian. WebMoney and Yandex not use, pay only by check via regular mail, because of this long ago ceased to enjoy, but many literally live on Adsense, creating a different English-language sites and placing it there.