Orthodox Faith

The first person in the country, actively fought against religion, baptized, go to church to preach and pray. Media constantly publishes lean Kremlin and the Duma menu dining, polls, and their opinions. And, of course, our “elite” does not stand aside. “Glamorous” believe, “glamorous” pray and fast, yet as “glamorous” for example, after a theatrical show, in restaurant ordering fetuchchini with vegetables and truffle butter or salad ‘Golden Needle’ from soy sprouts, golden mushrooms and green onions, seasoned with sesame oil and cucumber and sour spicy sauce. To this add the clothes “haute couture”, “Easter” make-up, and then – to the Holy Land.

Truly religious people are trying to fast, as best they could, in its full extent. Odezhda more modest, more simple food, and most importantly pray, go into the service and think, why they here, that after they left. The church served alms to the poor odezhdu bring to sacrifice the dining room for the poor, for God’s temple. In the prayer (ie, communion with God), humility and repentance, they spend their time showing their love to God and trusting in him. Do not remain, mostly indifferent to Lent and those who are new to the traditions of the Orthodox Church. However, here, thanks to our media, it all comes down to komertsizatsii restriction in food products perilous. Many believe that fasting established for centuries, has a beneficial effect on the body. And in some ways they’re right.

Meat – the product is heavy. But, unfortunately, we are not in the Garden of Eden and meat body needs. We need only measure at all. In food, deeds, thoughts, and feelings. Restriction of food aid only. Fasting is not a campaign to cleanse the body. The main idea of fasting to elevate the soul over the flesh, feel God’s love, God, its purpose, to repent of their sins, and try not to make them more, look at the world and see that someone needs help, lend a hand to our neighbor. This is the essence of the Orthodox Faith, laws which we must know not only observe but also to understand. “Postyaschesya, brothers, bodily, and spiritual fasting? To every one union iniquity … give the hungry bread and nischiya beskrovnyya introduce into the houses, but we take from the Christ of God show great mercy “(hymn at Vespers on Wednesday 1st week of Lent).