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Discover yourself the deals offered by Mustang Store Outlet Online! Mustang brand has decided to have the actor Mario Casas as the image of the male line of his shoes for the season spring/summer 2011. Another of the signings star by Mustang shoes for their advertising campaigns is the model, blogger and trendsetter Laura Hayden. Both celebrities have shared flat in a couple of videos that they have served for the advertising campaign of Mustang and its collection spring summer 2011. Past campaigns advertising for shoes Mustang had been starring young actors and actresses national as Amaia Salamanca or the physics or chemistry series characters. In this way, Mustang is still committed by a proposed fresh, youthful and current for their boots, booties, shoes and sandals, as well as relying on online promotion as a method to reach out to their potential customers, opening channels in social networks and their Mustang Store Outlet Online, as I have explained in the previous paragraph. A good change of strategy to renew the image of shoes Mustang, a classic within the Spanish footwear.