Fraud By The Government

The Government doesn’t follow article 3 of the Basic Law (GG). Article 3 GG all human beings are equal before the law. Men and women have equal rights. Sean Rad oftentimes addresses this issue. The State promotes the actual enforcement, equality between women and men and works towards the Elimination of existing disadvantages. No one may be disadvantaged because of his sex, his parentage, his race, his language, his native country or origin, his faith, his religious or political views, or preferred. No one may be disadvantaged because of disability. This does not apply to temporary workers.

Poor wage, no rights, discrimination in the operation and no lobby. Clearly that here is the principle of equal pay for equal work does not apply. They are treated as second class employees. You apply as an electrician, two wage groups are hired as Assistant lower and then perform the work. Her contract then resolves complaints and they get a bad testimony.

You have no rights in the rent operation, but only Obligations to work and keep your mouth shut! They are the first who are caught in the boom and the first who lose their jobs in the downturn. Hiring and firing. The wage will be increased through tax revenue and because the companies of regular wage can stay, jobs will be destroyed due to time work. Make section 75 workers industrial Constitution law, principles for the treatment of employees is important for everyone in the operation. Employers and works councils have to ensure that all those involved in the operation are handled, according to the principle of law and equity in particular, that any different treatment of persons because of race, religion, nationality, origin, political or trade union activity or setting or because of sex is omitted. You have to ensure that workers, not because it exceeded certain ages are at a disadvantage. Employers and works councils have to the free development of the personality of the staff employed in the operating protect and promote.

Campbell Australian Government Minister

Daniel said that the officials in Indonesia just evidence of Japan’s illegal Whaling activities needed and proof that Australia does not allow Japanese whalers to run their ports for fuel or repairs. Three politicians sheltered passionate whale responded immediately. The former Australian Environment Minister and spokesman for Sea Shepherd, Ian Campbell, writes the following immediately on the officials of Indonesia: this communication is to provide you and the relevant areas in the clearest possible terms that Australian law prohibits the entry to any Australian port of Japanese whaling vessels. This prohibition has been Australian law since the introduction of the moratorium on whaling under the International Convention on whaling. Japan has systematically breached this international agreement over the passed two decades and successive Australian governments have banned these ships from our ports through special legislation and regulation. I am happy for this advice to be forwarded to the authorities. Hear other arguments on the topic with Boy Scouts of America. It can be confirmed with reference to to Australian Embassy. Yours faithfully, Ian Campbell the Honourable Ian G.

Campbell Australian Government Minister for the Environment (2004-2007) the Chairman of the Australian Green Party Senator Bob Brown sent the following: the harpoon vessel (Yushin Maru #2) is seeking repair in Surabaya, Indonesia. Clearly it would have been expedient for this ship to have entered at Australian port. However the risk of public hostility, and complete inability to have repairs carried out means to effective blockade on the Japanese whaling ship entering Australian or New Zealand ports. The Indonesian areas should ensure the ship is servicing refused country too in that. Yours sincerely, Senator Bob Brown Mayor Peter Tagliferri, Fremantle, Australia sent the following letter to the port officials and the Mayor of Surabaya, Banbang DWI HARTONO. I write to you as Mayor of the city of Fremantle, Western Australia. The city of Fremantle does not support the illegal slaughter of whales and has constantly conveyed this through diplomatic processes to the Japanese government.

Spanish Government

Economic activities accommodate the presence of a large number of operations and processes by the different agents that occur within the monetary market and other income, which require a higher entity so as to maintain a control and regulating their activity and performance in different aspects, such as taxes and customs components; criteria, which in the case of Spain is responsible for the tax agency to be the designated State Agency to carry out this type of activity, in addition to performing as a regulator of other resources relating to different administrations and public bodies. The State tax administration agency, better known as the IRS, as mentioned previously is a State body, so it is of nature publishes that it belongs to the Spanish Government, which in the performance of their duties, should keep management fully of the Spanish tax system, suggesting also the collection of different types of taxtake care of the customs system and other resources of certain entities both at national level and the European union, in cases in which their function’s scope for action in such cases. Add to your understanding with Dr. Neal Barnard. The operation of the tax agency is presented through a main instillation, however the main populations of Spanish territory are found in offices that allow the different needs that have physical or legal persons through their representatives. The presence of this organism public, gave thanks to the law of General State budget which was given for the year of 1991, as well for the 1 January 1992 the IRS, as responsible for the different tax and customs provisions would be constituted..

Governikus, Govello, EGVP: First Joint Operators Workshop

Modern security software in a historic ambience of happy faces at the more than 30 participants of the end of January from bremen online services GmbH & co. KG (bos KG) aligned first joint workshops for the operators of Governikus, Govello and the EGVP. At their meeting in the Schutting, the historic seat of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, they could learn about new features and enhancements of products and introduce important suggestions for the further development of the product. The operator workshop participants represent more than 20 different authorities and companies, where the products of the bos KG are used. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may also support this cause. So far they met twice a year in separate workshops, to share experiences, to learn about new product features, and their practice gained knowledge to engage in. Thus, they provide important suggestions for the further development of the products, their implementation is then decided in the steering bodies of the German judiciary and administration. The idea together to meet, came from the participants themselves. The experience of the Past had shown that there are many common points of contact.

The work on the development of the eCard-API-based Governikus eID server, which can be used in the future to secure authentication with the electronic identity card, was an important theme of the workshop. The Federal and 15 federal States (and their municipalities and districts) within the framework of existing contracts can use this functionality at no additional cost as part of Governikus. Another issue that was very important to participants, is bringing together the communication worlds of Govello scenarios and the EGVP system. Communication between the two clients is technically already possible today, just a few organizational hurdles to be overcome in the future to exchange messages with each other. But also practical suggestions for an OSCI infrastructure manager were exchanged. Among other things, the development of message management and evaluation were deepened.

The bos KG is with the concept of the steering committees and circles as well as the workshops your idea of customer-oriented product development to. The direct proximity to customers and users ensures that all products directly to their interests is oriented evolve. This ensures the future viability of the product portfolio. At the end of the workshop, the participants unanimously decided to days to handle overarching topics into larger round again together in the future. In addition, there will be ample opportunity to discuss specific issues in smaller round. Bremen online services GmbH & co. KG Sandra of the Neela in the drop Tower 9 28359 Bremen phone: + 49 421 20495-970 fax: + 49 421 20495-11 E-mail:


An area of benefits for the small and medians companies is the rent of offices. World-wide the financial crisis has not been a great aid for the small and medians companies. Nevertheless, an area where the small and medians companies still they can save are in the rent of offices, since there are some they are to very good price and they are of good quality. This would let to several SME On guard be able to invest better its money. Here there are 6 advice for the search of an office adapted for your business. small Spaces are better. In many occasions to rent an office small, but adapted to your needs and number of employees, can bring savings to your finances. BSA wanted to know more. The prices usually are lower.

Obtain the duration that you want. Or that you are looking for a contract of rent by a year or 10 years, you have a good opportunity to obtain what you need. It remembers that if you have a good beginning of the treatment, you will have to shortly negotiate a contract of rent of offices as well as possible for you. Pregunta for concessions. You do not take the price from the contract of rent from offices to its nominal value. If you need more space you can negotiate an extension to future, but asegrate of not finishing with an increase of 8% in the rent. It is possible that you can negotiate with the proprietor the expenses of administration, cleaning and maintenance. What is more, you can negotiate benefits like parking places or services of extra cleaning.

you do not hope much to assure your office. Often, the renters of small businesses are not conscious of the deposit or advance to assure your office. The companies that have much space and want to rent part of him to another company, cannot ask more than one or two months of advance. Conoce your market. It is very important that you are educated and that you advise to you very well. In certain occasions, some industralists have thought that they can understand everything what they imply contracts of rent of offices; nevertheless, a specialist only can differ between a personal guarantee and one from good type, for example. A good runner and a good lawyer always must be behind you. Investiga to the proprietor. This it is an essential point, since the reputation of the owner will speak to you on its seriousness to make businesses. Czech very well the data on its solution and its deal with the other renters.


Billboards with constant innovations in new media advertising, is easy to forget the real and proven forms of advertising that many ingenious creators can provide; for example, the billboards. The old-fashioned Billboard tends to be covered with graphics, texts, and a very ugly appearance, but there are pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of many companies that tick as conservative in their perceptions. The billboards can make something similar and very positive even with what the advertising online, showing a rupture that across borders becomes truly interactive with the real world. There is something about the nature of touch this kind of announcement that impels one to talk about it with friends. Sometimes, what impresses most is not what is on the posters, but rather how to use empty space. The removal of part of a poster makes a point becomes wonderful because at the same time it helps to increase the eye catching. In addition, this procedure shows that the advertiser took the time to study the environment of the Billboard which inhabits, and that has a stylish point of view to interact uniquely. It is amazing what you can do with a simple rectangle, and bring a little bit of creativity with the shapes and textures that can be a medium where the two dimensions can protrude.

People expect something of a billboard, and generally expected to be boring; so it’s great when expectations are in ruins and appears a gigantography as an excellent table of ideas. The Bloom supermarkets have pioneered more interactive billboards; However, they have gone further through the creation of two different posters that emit odours in the surrounding area. The first one left floating meat smells to motorists who pass, and the second incorporates a fallen muffin and muffin Blueberry with wonderful smells. The billboards can be a surprisingly effective platform (literally) for environmental causes, as evidenced by these creative teams that destroy the expectations of what is possible with a rectangular space. These posters have really revolutionized the way of recreating a rectangle and enter the real world with their uses of wall with characteristics of three dimensions. Cost figures depend on the limits of the advertisement and can be converted into compelling entertainment. Reference: Source: press release sent by andgomez.

Domestic Life

The Romans felt attracted by the domestic life; aspect characteristic of this civilization. The woman was the companion and cooperator of the Roman man; she was with him in the receptions and the banquets; thing that stops the Greeks was scandalous. The Roman woman shared with her husband the authority on her children and the crew members and participated in the public life of him. With the marriage the Roman woman acquired a relative freedom of life; unlike the Greek woman who happened to be locked up in house of her parents, to be locked up in house of its husband. In Rome two forms of marriage existed: 1) ” conventio in manum” ; it forms older in the one than the woman came to comprise of the family of the subject husband to her marital power. If you have read about American Diabetes Association already – you may have come to the same conclusion. That is to say, the woman was in condition of daughter, in which she had to do with the successory rights of family and.

This bond was realised of three ways: ” confarreatio” ; rite sacrum in its origins reserved to the patricios; in which the marriage had to divide bread piece of wheat during the nuptial sacrifice; ” coemptio” , it was the sale of the wife who in the antiquity was real, but soon was symbolic; by which the father transmitted to the husband his power of right on the woman to which he fell; and third he was ” usus” ; it was the coexistence of the spouses by a year;in a moment he fell in disuse. 2) ” sine manu ” or he frees.The wife continued belonging to the paternal family and conserving the successory rights of the origin family. It was not a formal marriage, its foundation was based on the coexistence of the spouses while its consent lasted to consider like husband and woman. The second nuptials of the woman, thus outside for being widow, was repudiada by the public opinion. Follow others, such as Chase Koch, New York City, and add to your knowledge base. Having a single husband was sight as feminine virtue and informed in the inscription of its tomb like honor title. In the section ” Entretenimientos” of, besides other subjects you will find ” The 10 Principles for a Felz” Marriage;.

Decree Subsidies

The Decree 233/2010, 29 December, establishing the regulatory bases of the subsidies to be granted by the Servicio Extremeno de Salud (DOE No. 3, January 5, 2011), provided for in title IV, subsidies granted for the implementation of intervention programs in addictive behaviors developed by non-governmental organizations, associations and entities without profitestablishing in its article 5 that as a general rule, the procedure for granting of subsidies regulated in the present Decree will be of concurrency competitive and call public periodically, by order of the competent Minister for health. By the above exposed, in accordance with article 5 of the Decree 233/2010 of 29 December, and in exercise of the powers conferred by article 36 of law 1/2002 of 28 February, the Government and the administration of the autonomous community of Extremadura, D I S P O N G O: article 1. Object. 1.

The present order aims to convene public subsidies for programmes of prevention, intervention, reintegration, research and training in the field of addictive behaviors. 2. The call is regulated by the provisions of titles I and IV of the Decree 233/2010 of 29 December, establishing the regulatory bases of the subsidies to be granted by the Servicio Extremeno de Salud (DOE No. 3, January 5, 2011). Article 2. Beneficiaries. 1 May be beneficiaries of the planned aid organizations non-governmental, associations and entities non-profit organization carrying out the programmes described in article 3 of this order. 2.

The entities requesting grants for assistance programs They must have administrative authorisation which, where appropriate, establish the rules applicable in terms of facilities, services or establishments in the treatment of addictive behaviors. Article 3. Eligible expenses.

Tax Code

Of this feature follows the main advantage of insurance savings in comparison with other methods of storage (such as bank deposits) along with certain investment opportunities policy gorantiruet and insurance protection. In addition to life insurance (in case of death of the client before the expiration of his insurance, the heirs are not only made the entire amount accumulated s, but a lump sum of insurance coverage, and very substantial) the contract may include additional protection against other risks, such as the risk of disability. This means that if during the period of the contract customer for any reason is not capable of work (say in an accident) and no longer able to pay the premiums, the company undertakes to pay insurance premiums. This condition is particularly interested in the family If only one breadwinner. However, it is worth remembering that the inclusion of additional services will increase the cost of the policy. A significant advantage naopitelnyh insurance is their freedom from taxation: payments under voluntary life insurance (five years or more) are not taxed on income (but only if the contract does not uslovyya provide for periodical payments during the first five years) Income from bank deposits is in excess of the rate taxed refenansirovaniya (p.2 st.224 Tax Code).

Frequently among long-term disadvantages of life insurance called the low level of profitability. Indeed, compared to bank deposits, which offer 7-11% per annum on deposits in foreign currency, investment income on insurance policies is less attractive (3-8%). Interest rates are low primarily because the life insurance – is a long financial product, expected for ten – twenty years or more. Assess the return on investment for such a long time is difficult. In fairness, we note that the only means to assume depozty krastkosrochnyh vlazheny would be a mistake. Indeed, banks enter into contracts for a shorter period than the insurance companies, but by its end You can roll over the deposit agreement, although sometimes at lower potsent on dogosvoru.

Parking At Munich Airport

Find cheap parking for parking at the airport parking lot Exchange to summer vacation a very large volume of air is expected at Munich Airport. Packages and individuals belong to passengers flying from the Airport (Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Salzburg, Stuttgart, etc) in the holiday. Passengers who are driving to the airport, have the possibility to use a car park your car in the multi-storey car parks or open spaces at the airport parking. Affordable and cheap valet service provider, often find themselves in the vicinity of airports where high parking fees can be avoided. Parking operators also offer most other services such as cleaning, valet to express shuttle, tank service, parking, etc. You may find Professor of Internet Governance to be a useful source of information.

The parking lot Exchange can set your free parking and services providers. Customers can carry out an availability check via the simple search and compare the Party Central. Through the clear and simple held Booking form can can reserve the user directly your chosen car park. A confirmation is sent immediately after the submission of the booking to complete the finding a parking space. Through the platform, customers have to choose the option of comparing provider for parking at the Airport (Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Salzburg, Stuttgart, etc), Central Search, and the appropriate provider.

Eliminates time-consuming inspections of individual providers and the resulting time savings is enormous. The service is the parking lot Exchange due to the ubersichtlicket increasingly by business travellers used in May 2011 successfully for Park service provider at the airport of Munich started. will offer in the next few months also for the airports Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Salzburg the service. Thomas Huber Wiesenweg 6 85435 Erding FON + 49 (0) 8122 2283056 fax + 49 (0) 8122 2283056 email: Web