Chavez Campaign

Chavez continues in campaign while oil revenues in danger Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 3, 2009 yesterday February 2, in Venezuela proved to be a non-working day, decision taken by Hugo Chavez for what has called celebrate ten years of revolution, in commemoration of his ten years in power. Chavez, not in accordance with the ten years that has now as President of Venezuela, is poised next February 15 find a favorable vote by the Venezuelan people that the permit the amendment of the Constitution in order to be re-elected indefinitely. And while the Venezuelan Government with Chavez to head it entertains campaigning in search of the Yes to the constitutional amendment, oil revenues are at risk with the increase in debts to the companies providing services to the oil sector. A written note to Reuters by Brian Ellsworth said in this regard: Venezuela faces a growing risk of dropping its crude oil production in the coming months Since the oilfield services companies show signs that might interrupt its key activities by a huge backlog of unpaid accounts. As stated in the same note, the State Venezuelan PDVSA, affected by the sharp drop in the price of oil, has major problems to deal with debts of more than US $8 billion with companies providing services (transportation, exploration, among others). Longer suspensions have occurred in the provision of services by some companies and it is expected that new suspensions continue to occur. Thus, the possibility of reduction in oil production is concrete and would produce a new source of conflict in a Venezuelan economy highly dependent on oil revenues. But the threat to oil production is not the only problem that is on the rise in Venezuela. Also are aggravating the problems of shortages, mainly of those assets of first need. The problem of food shortages in Venezuela, according to the President of the Institute for the defense of people in access to goods and services of Venezuela, Eduardo Saman, is part of a plan to sabotage a coming referendum on a constitutional amendment which is: promoted by sectors of the counter-revolution that are playing to create discontent with shortages.

Information Return

As a marketing tool, the promotional campaigns with promotional products for businesses, are a means of promotion so versatile that they can even used as a means of market research, since they always provide a valuable return information.Depending on the profile of the client for which they are destined advertising articles so articles shall promote them to use in various campaigns, these client profiles may be subsequently subjected to analysis, the development of subsequent promotion campaigns.This tool of direct marketing, shipping or personal delivery of promotional gifts, has significant differences if compared with other means of advertising, is a selective tool, since it allows companies to select the recipients, can be as confidential as necessary, it is a non-competitive tool, has if same flexibility that the company needs, both in investment and temporality, it has originality, originality we bring as manufacturers of promotional gifts every year innovate in models, shapes and innovative articles. Promotional campaigns with advertising gifts, are also a direct marketing tool easily modular since the company can choose freely to districts, regions, sectors, countries, wants to run their promotional campaigns.This means of promotion using advertising items customized with the company logo, are at the same time a valuable support to other advertising media that can complement any other means of communication, either visual, written or personal contact.The return information that produce promotion with custom advertising campaigns can be very valuable for subsequent promotion campaigns both enterprise and to perform various analyses of market. If the delivery of the promotional gift is made in person, can analyze insitu the effect produced, if on the other hand, a more confidential delivery becomes different tools can be used to the subsequent analysis of the customer, as for example attach a card with a small form to analyze the degree of satisfaction of the customer with the company.Because usually, people judge others by what we experience through the contact with them or what comes from them, it is important to take into account the type of advertising gift, to choose the quality and of course value for money.With personalized, advertising gifts promotion campaigns are a means of communication and loyalty with existing customers and also a good means of disseminating the name of a new product, service or promote and remember an existing brand.The commercial scenario is constantly changing, some companies begin, others end up, others are maintained. Many customers change distributors by price, others by a deficiency in the service, terms of delivery or by a bad personal relationship.To promote the smooth running of a company, clients is not to attend the competition, be competitive in quality and price, to be in the memory of the customers with a good memory and a good image, there are many and very varied marketing tools available, shall be used. One of them, complete, economical, traditional is on par with innovative, through campaigns of promotion with advertising gifts.

Nasty Gal Campaign Fallwinter

How you like the 80’s! Another mentality and another roll when it comes to dressing. But think of Madonna and her corsets, hairstyles and these bizarre prints that many were too much. As well, if you follow anchored at that time and you want to live it now already can, and is that Nasty Gal launches her collection autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 are we in 1981 underpants? No! But almost. Above Cindy Lauper! And so forth, are nonsense. Yes Sir. Sincerely, and it may be repetitive (sorry!), together garments seem too outrageous.

But surely separately give a touch different to your outfit. To all colorSi flashy colours is a feature that was in that, personally, I was born. Lilac, blue, yellow all shades are used, and more in a garment as bizarre as a coat of long hair. But if I have to choose something I stay with the two mini-dresses of pronounced heart shaped neckline. I don’t know if I dare wear them, but I see them and I they like. And if you are someone who loves the pink stick and never get tired of him gives him a touch different to your outfit with this minidress where the skirt takes stamped all at signs and symbols exclamation women underwear (of the same color).

What do you think? Gas to fund with the black negroAunque (almost) always has the battle won. It is a color no tires, stick with everything. Madness by the fringe? You must to choose Yes on the jacket or shorts. Which of the two garments is your favorite? But if I say I do with the mallots and dresses fitted with openings on the sides and arrobas to fine lingerie buckles mode. No, no, no, no and no. You recatariais some of it? Official site Nasty GalEn Trendencias Nasty Gal lookbook August 2012: want to make a difference? Think of brands as is Jezebel Nasty Gal lookbook July 2012: how simple is fashionable recommended articles:

Pay Per Click

What is Pay-Per Click? Pay-Per Click (pay per click) is an easy-to-understand advertising strategy. Every day there are about 300 million searches on major search engines. This causes 80% of traffic on the internet. Place your website in these search engines is very important to have as many potential customers as possible. But, to make your web site look and click more frequently, this should see well above the search list.

Most people looking up to the third page of a search engine, therefore, while below, less likely will only to click into place. Pay-Per Click advertising, you pay so that they always see it on the internet. Choose words or key phrases on your website and to the highest bidder classify it better. There is no payment in advance. You only pay once a visitor clicks on your link. That is why is called pay per click.

Every day millions of people around the world they click on the campaign Pay-Per Click advertising. With the internet boom and the growing online business industry, an announcement of any person on the planet can be seen over the internet anywhere in the world. Pay-Per Click advertising campaign is the largest growth in online marketing area. Last year, spent an estimated $741.2 million in Pay-Per Click advertising. Normal search engine optimization can take weeks or even months to get results. Pay-Per Click advertising can attract customers in an instant. Why? Because this advertising campaign of tip can be placed on any web site and view by potential customers online anywhere, at any time and all the time. The only challenge is to place ads in appropriate web sites to attract potential customers for a product or service specific. Pay-Per Click advertising campaign attracts the right customers in the shortest possible time. This is the most cost-effective way of doing marketing products or services. You can also monitor the customers who visit your site, know what they want and what they buy. With good creativity using the appropriate search phrases, we can guide us to the right people willing to do business with us. Pay-Per Click advertising can easily handle 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via internet. This allows you to improve the campaign strategy responding effectively to both customers and competition activities. Then, what you are waiting for?. Use Pay-Per Click now and let your business take the quick route to success.

Quality Product

To take care of our health and beauty we have a range of products, from natural to elaborate by the cosmetic industries, although lately people have begun to opt more for the use of natural products sometimes still have trouble easily buy them, an example of this is the argan oil, whose properties and effectiveness make your demand greater every day. Where to buy argan oil is a question that people normally have no easy access to this product, but you have heard wonders, do no because break both head looking for shops, when the internet puts it at your fingertips, just make sure that the place where you buy it has quality certifications and they offer you satisfaction guaranteedo not hesitate to get in touch with them and clear your doubts before purchasing. The reason for the demand for argan oil is that it is excellent in many ways ranging from the care of the face up as inflammation of the joints and muscles, has properties antibacterial and healing properties that help heal minor wounds and burns caused by the Sun’s rays. In addition to hair argan oil is widely used since it repairs split ends, gives, brightness, smoothness and vitality, all this with a single product, and quick and easy application. But argan oil is not the only product that offers you these benefits, there are many natural products that will help you to maintain your beauty in an efficient manner, and even if you wish you can mix them to obtain your own recipes. I have read and heard comments of how many people have used different products sometimes mixed and sometimes some mornings and others in the afternoon and they have obtained your favorite mixes, what if it is that you among these mixtures highlights argan oil, but have the test and share with all your experience.

If you still cannot decide you where buy argan oil, seeks comments on forums and read about your experiences, there are very reliable places dealing through a quality product and good service to the customer, not only of gain clientele but keep it that is the hardest thing, and they manage simply argan oil offered is of good quality, is certified and offer your product satisfaction guarantee. When you have your argan oil, use it to Recalling that the doses that you must implement are minimal, because apart from that it is very costly, argan oil moisturizes the skin and hair so deeply that an excessive application can cause overproduction of fat in the skin, if your skin and hair are very dry, you can apply it to two or three times a day, but always in moderation, as soon as start to be repaired starts space usage to once a day and even if you feel it necessary once every third day. Whether you use your argan oil for hair, face, or nails, take advantage of the benefits of natural products and feel the difference in your skin. For more tips and information about where to buy argan oil please visit: argan hair oil

The ECB Again Buying Sovereign Debt Of Italy And Spain By Speculative Attacks

It is the second week that the Central Bank purchases sovereign debt by the euro crisis. The European Monetary Authority does not specify countries that purchased debt amounting to 14,291 million euros. Germany continues with its fierce opposition to the issuance of common eurozone debt. The European Central Bank (ECB) bought last week public debt amounting to 14,291 million euros, which include mostly Spanish and Italian bonds. Both countries are being tabulated by the markets, which are wary of their ability to pay their debts. The ECB has reported this Monday that has intervened in the secondary market for government debt of the euro area for a second consecutive week. Then he wore since March without buying government debt.

Meanwhile, the European locomotive Germany, supported by the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and France, still maintains a fierce opposition to the issuance of Eurobonds, common bonds for the eurozone. At the risk of increased inflation with the purchase of debt public, the ECB withdraw from the market Tuesday, seven days, some 110,500 million euros at a variable rate tender which will offer commercial banks a maximum rate of interest of 1.5%. Last Monday it already acquired debt of Italy and Spain, achieving that differential who paid both countries by financing connection Germany down 300 basis points from 400 points above dimensions.Until then, the only ECB had acquired debt of countries such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal and Max of 16.5 billion euros buying had occurred in May 2010. The European Monetary Authority does not specify the countries which have bought the debt, but said in early August that it would proceed to acquire bonds of Spain and Italy after speculative attacks, which have confirmed the operators in the markets since then. The ECB has acquired in the euro area public debt amounting to about 110,500 million euros. August 4, the Governing Council of the ECB decided to keep the programme of purchase of government debt to help countries facing financial difficulties despite the opposition of the President of the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann. The ECB has been criticized for purchasing sovereign of Spain and Italy while she decided to take this measure to calm the markets, after hard attacks on European stock markets. Source of the news: the ECB buying sovereign debt of Italy and Spain by speculative attacks again

Samuel Ferguson

The inciativa ' Lee has premio' he has managed to remove from his books to personages like D' Artagnan, Celestina or Robin Hood so that they cross the Spanish cities. Its intention is to promote the reading and to invite the citizens to submerge in thousands and the one adventures that can find in books. D' Artagnan has left to a side its adventures and the Celestine has stopped in her Picardy to leave her books and to look for new readers in cities like Cordova, Burgos, Lleida thanks to the initiative ' To read has premio'. In this cultural adventure by the streets of the cities they accompany other classic novel personages to him of adventures and by Literature like Sherezade, Robin Hood, doctor Samuel Ferguson, Cleopatra, the Valiant Cid, Don Mendo and Robinson Crusoe. Everything to invite the citizens to submerge in thousands and the one adventures that can find in books. Summer, time of books the campaign, coordinated by Gerald Miguel and organized by the Federation of Unions of Publishers of Spain, is carried out by a ten of actors who give life to these personages and who they animate to the people to read. According to it has indicated Gerald Miguel, the campaign becomes in summer because he is when there is more free time to approach books.

Delay in the reading habit Miguel has considered this promotion of the reading necessary because Spain has a delay in reading habit and, " although it has grown years in the last, is certain breach with respect to countries of the north of Europa". The objective is " to reduce that distancia" and has been " very optimista" because in the last years have seen how the greater index of reading population is between the young people of 10 to 24 years. The campaign can be followed through the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Tuenti as well as in the Web where routes, calendars, summaries are detailed and even anecdotes. To read has prize has happened already through Burgos, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Huesca, Lleida, Teruel, Albacete, Cordova, Ciudad Real and the following shutdowns will be in Segovia, Zamora and the 28 of July finalize in Ourense. Source of the news: D' Artagnan, the Celestine and the Valiant Cid leave their books to look for new readers

Book Awards

To make a decision about his hobby, you must: 1. Focus on yourself 2. Feel your true desire 3. Connect intuition 4. Identify benefits for the other 5. An effective strategy to begin to act organizing their hobby 1.Nayti hobby that you would be fascinated, granted the joy and benefit 2.Nayti time for hobbies and habits 3.Organizovat secure place for your favorite classes 4.Sozdat atmosphere that will help you switch to a hobby 5.Nayti fans and support from their relationship 6.Uchitsya and improve their skills 7.Nayti mentor who will help you cope with the complexities and support your interest 8.Naslazhdatsya! Such a strategy is a powerful means to live in harmony with each other, get new experiences, be interesting to talk and enjoy life. There are many stories as a hobby is not only a hobby, but a matter of life.

Here is one of the most recent. In a small town in the south Portugal lived a tutor in English. She passed the exams fail to Oxford, her parents insisted on a French department univesiteta Exeter (Exeter) in Devon, although she wanted to study the native English. She had favorite hobby – writing. After lunch, she gave lessons, and in the morning – penned. The first two novels have been abandoned as a bad job over the third has just begun. It was in 1993, she was 28 years old. At this time she married, gave birth to child and divorced her husband, a student.

Often, she visited a cafe in Edinburgh, where he wrote of his novel. After several refusals, she finally sold the book and U.S. $ 4000 was the ninth heaven. A few months later her Book outbids another publisher, but for the same amount that the teacher already can not work. A year later, her book will recognize in the UK the best children's book of the year. She writes a sequel to the story, and film studio Warner Bros. buys film rights to two novels. Her series of novels translated into more than 60 languages. Throughout the world, selling over 250 million books. The success of a series of readers, as well as films, shot on the novel, brought her worldwide fame and state. It yalyaetsya the richest woman in Britain. Forbes magazine estimated her fortune in $ 1 billion. She becomes the owner of many prestigious literary awards, including the Children's Book Award and was awarded the Order British Empire and is actively involved in charity work – up support for single parents and fund research on multiple sclerosis – a disease from which her mother died, marries and has a son. Hero of her novels was a boy who accidentally discovered that he was a magician and got into a magic school. His name was Harry Potter. As you may have guessed, this incredible story about obsession writing, which became the cause of all life, on the British writer known by his pen name JK Rowling. Do you have hobbies?

Practice Technology Edelman Europe

Once a day away from his beloved Valentine, men prefer to express their romantic feelings, using "broadcast" means communication, and women will choose the communication directly. These are the results comic study published ahead of Edelman world's largest conference devoted to telecommunications (Mobile World Congress, 14-18 February 2010, Barcelona). Despite the fact that men and women are equally likely to use "Traditional" mobile phones, to being a festive day at work, somehow "compensate" the lack of communication with the other half (94% of male respondents and 96% of women called to congratulate), women for expressing their feelings clearly prefer "individual" means of communication. According to the study, women 59% more likely than men enjoy video telephony Skype and similar means to call her beloved on the Day of the Holy Valentine, they are 67% more likely than men to send personal video messages by email, and finally to 76% more likely than men give gifts to women on Facebook and other social networks. Men from 41 countries participated in the survey consistently preferred means of "mass" communication to express their feelings on Valentine's Day, and 70% more women devoted to her friends post on Twitter. Here's what Jonathan thinks this Hargreaves (Jonathan Hargreaves), Head of Practice Technology Edelman Europe, Middle East & Africa: Even though our" frivolous "research is more informative than scientific in nature, it clearly indicates the role played by technology in their professional and personal lives." "As usual on the eve of the Holy Valentine, Mobile World Congress recalls the difficulties that people face every day, fulfilling social obligations. Our study shows that, although both men and women equally use technology to compensate for his absence on Valentine's Day, men prefer to use the "broadcast" means of communication, while women opt for more individual means of communication – "one for one "," – he says. These American mobile operator Verisign confirms the important role played by mobile technologies in the celebration of Valentine's Day on this day last year there were a 1.06 billion SMS and MMS messages sent out around the world.

In addition, the study found interesting differences between countries. Thus, the Spaniards showed the highest level of advanced technology: 50% of them enjoy video telephony Skype or similar means, to congratulate the other half on Valentine's Day, while the average worldwide on this item is 29%. A third of respondents in Spain send your video message pairs with your mobile phone (the average for the whole world – only 13%). It turned out that the Irish – the most technologically "unromantic" nation! According to the survey, 67% Irish are not going to write even SMSku other half, missing on Valentine's Day, while the global average on this item – 42%. Hargreaves, who took part in 15 conferences, Mobile World Congress (and its predecessor 3GSM), confirms the strong influence of such phenomena to personal and professional life of man. "Over the past few years, another gala evening, I often spent in the company's customers, potential Customer journalists, colleagues and random people. Without a doubt, these evenings were very productive and fun, but the right word, can not call them romantic! "

Way To Create Websites Using Templates

Website template by its very nature – is a complete website. It is designed with all the graphics and coding, in order to help you place the necessary information is not much ruined – and so quickly – as possible. Patterns appearing in the range of 30 to 200 $ – Professional designation will cost you 10 times more expensive. Or you can download free templates for website. Then the costs will be minimal, but the selection of these patterns are not so great. Starting with a good template, you can also speed up a website 10 times. You (if you have the skills) or your designer (if you have not) you can customize templates to meet your needs.

However, there is a strong reasons to start with a template: First of all, you probably know that the site planning is hard work – more than that – it's critical work. However, you also know that most of your costs you are making the first stages of decision-making. It's just as well known to all building managers, saying: designing a building, you risk to make all the worst and costly mistakes on the same day. A path which can not be avoided. So – the goal is to minimize these costs, and patterns could reduce long way towards achieving this goal. Website Templates – a step towards solving the problems of the initial project. Sure, the first day, you encounter with the two most critical moments of the project: 1) develop a visual project that will attract your customers, 2) development of specific information that your customers can immediately understand and use. It well, when well chosen template includes the necessary information and good visual design.

If you are not sure how to evaluate visual design and information organization template, then you should consult with a knowledgeable designer who has experience. Finally, a good template to help you solve the problem of Commercial, you have to solve the problem of how to force the client to move from understanding of your product to purchase. There are four stages that should facilitate the conversion of a client in a buyer: 1. Understanding – they understand that many of the possible actions available to them, 2. Interest – they are actively interested in a particular course of action 3. Desire – the growth of enthusiasm for the investigated actions, 4. Actions – the purchase of your product. Make sure that you speak with an experienced designer, before you buy any pattern to make sure that he is right for you. And if you do decide to download free templates, then make sure they fit you best.