Brazilian Fight

In what it relates to the ambientalismo, the years of 1960 to the 70 will mark the emergency of social movements, between these the ecological movement. It can, then, to affirm that, the social fights were made by the working-class movement in its chains: social democrat, Communist and anarchist. In this direction, on daily problems the specific realities make to germinate eclectic movements, as the fight feminist, of the civil laws, the fight against the racial segregation, of the homosexuals, and amongst, ambientalismo4. As Carlos Walter Gonalves Port, the critical one centered in the production way will bequeath spaces the movements, on to other social pursuings 2 BRGGER, 1996, op. Cit.

3 REIGOTA, 1994, op. Cit. 4GONALVES, 1993, op. Cit. that they exceeded the barriers of critical to the capitalism, choosing the flags as the critical one to the way of vida5.

Inside of the ecological movement, diverse fights such as: deforestation of forests, extinguishing of species, use of agrotxicos, wild urbanization, demographic explosion, pollution of ecosystems, construction of barrages, erosion of ground, armament race, nuclear threat and others they will be part of the concerns of the ecological movement of the decades of 1970-80. One of the main icons of international the ambient fight is the Greeanpeace, that appeared at the beginning of the years of 1970. ' ' … the roots of these movements already came being developed, however the prominence reached for these social manifestations in the scene politician is more significant at this time. Fact this that allowed to greater access to the media, that in turn, found in these movements hooks for too much substances that approached the other sources of these phenomena sociais' ' 6. To the end of the decade of 1970, the experiences of exiled politicians will go to unify themselves with Brazilian experiences. E, from this phenomenon is distinguished it entity AGAPAN of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul.

The American Crisis

Reflection of what we will go to face: We can imagine the deep perplexity that the crisis of the world-wide markets if abated on the ideologists of the neoliberalismo, the minimum State and the salesmen of the illusions of the market. especially of the excellencies of the market that everything would decide. To facilitate the workmanship, they had started for demoralizing the State as pssimo manager and defaming the politics as the world of the corruption. Of course it had and still it has problems in these instances. But if it cannot open hand of the State and the politics if not want to regredir to the social barbarity.

We of the social area who we have the commitment with the human rights, especially, of most vulnerable, demons us soon count of that now the main violator of these right ones was the mercantile and neoliberal State. Therefore the rights left of being inalienable. Human beings were transformed into necessities whose satisfaction must be searched in the market. Who only has rights can pay and will be consuming is not more the State that goes to guarantee the minimums for the life.The crisis economic current it unmasked as false the neoliberal teses and the combat to the State. With astonishment an enterprise periodical wrote in garrafais letters in its section of economy ' ' Irracional&#039 market; ' as if one day the market was rational, market that leaves of is 2/3 of the humanity.

One known commentator of economic subjects, true sacerdotiza of the market and the minimum State, inflated of arrogance wrote: ' ' The American authorities erraram in the regulation and in the fiscalization, they erraram in the evaluation of the dimension of the crisis, erraram in the dose of the remedy; erram when they have contradictory behavior and errtico' ' for my account, would add: they erraram in does not convoke it as great pitoniza that it would have the adivinhatria solution for the current one crisis of the markets. The lesson is clear: left on account of the market and the voracity of the speculative financial system, the crisis would have been changedded into a tragedy of planetary ratios putting in serious risk world-wide the economic system. Logically, great victims would be of always: the economic, poor persons and excluded calls zeros. He was the Been defamed one that had that to enter almost with two trillions of dollar for, at the last moment, to prevent worse. They are facts that in them invite the deep revisions or at least, some to be less arrogant.

United Nations

The beginning of the countersignature never it was a tool to crack the Moroccan diplomat has said in this direction that the beginning of the countersignature or of the self-determination never was, nor in its conception, nor in its application, a tool to crack the territorial integrity of the States, nor an excuse to deprive the States of its parts of the territory, apoinado the unit as the language, the religion, the traditions and the culture bases of a nation, treating to the case of sara Moroccan that it respects all these ingredients. Remembering that these criteria are the same ones that they can, nominated, to be fortified for the set of the countries of the North of Africa object of the national and territorial unit, where Algeria acts as the domination interests harming the course of the negotiations of peace. Invoking, in this context, the resolution of 1960, that it appeals to the national unit and territorial integrity the countries. Standing out that resolution 1541, and after 2625 of had United Nations disclosed the importance that if of the one for the liberty of speech and the democracy ahead of any people and face to any threatening power. Ahead of this, Mr. Loulichki detached that Morocco decide to involve in the consultation with the people of sara in relation the initiative of autonomy for the crown of the outcome of the negotiations. Morocco showed its will before its presentation of the project of autonomy next to the Advice of Security, in 2007, that it underlined its legitimacy and recognition the national and international level. The Advice of Security, in turn, considered that this initiative is credvel, praising the efforts engaged for Morocco in this direction, pointing out that this initiative helped to launch the negotiation process, in which the international community wait very to finish with this diferendo between the parts.

Attention Humbug

Edson Silva After the humbug of the paper small ball that took the candidate Mountain range to make cat scan to evidence possible injury in the head, something more serious is in air and was denounced day 25 of October, in the University of So Paulo (USP), ahead of a public of two a thousand people, for the philosopher Marilena Chau. According to it, two men planned in a bar, in So Paulo, the scaffolding that would be of ‘ ‘ to take off sangue’ ‘ , that it would be become fullfilled in an assembly of Mountain range, day 29, without it has time of the PT if to defend. The humbug would involve people contracted, dressed and carrying flags of the party, that would be with the first impression of the guilt. Beyond telling to the fact to the public formed for intellectuals and on people to the Culture, Marilena made the alert one in the press, by means of interview to Current the Brazil Net. It still remembered the scaffolding made in 1989, with international kidnappers, most of Chilean them, the case Ablio Diniz, who had finished frivolous related with the PT for the So Paulo Civil Policy to harm what she would be the first one election of Squid to the Presidency. At the time, Collor was elect.

In 89, I made police news article in a periodical of the Region Metropolitan of Campinas (RMC), therefore reported and testified ‘ ‘ in loco’ ‘ the scaffolding of the case Ablio Diniz. others in elections of all had been as much the levels. To only cite some: The 111 deaths in the Carandiru penitentiary, October of 92, only disclosed after the conclusion of the election for governor of So Paulo; the kidnapping lightning and threats, before the last debate of the TV, in 2000, having as victim that one that would be elect mayor of assassinated Campinas and later, Toninho of the PT. By the way, crime not clarified until today. Some can ask: Who is Marilena Chau its concern to have credit, being taken in account? I entered in the college of Communication of the PUC of Campinas, in 82, and the teacher Marilena Chau (28 years are gone there) already was reference and its books obligator readings in the areas of social sciences politics. Different of what we see with much people that helped to establish the PT and say that it fought to the side of the party, but now renega, it kept critical sense, but above all common-sense to recognize that Brazil improved with Squid. It knows of the cunnings that are capable adversaries, as the PSDB and the DEM, to arrive at the power. I do not doubt, therefore I know of that they are capable. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, Campinas, works as assessor of the press in Sumar.

Help EGRP: Quickly And Professionally

Whatever the real world of business as well as cruel and full of underground rocks. Does not make him a better person, and all sorts of existing rules and regulations. Tend to spend what some transaction requires a lot of time to prepare special documents and certificates. Their failure to receive or, for example, incorrectly held instrument is fully capable to thwart the purchase and, therefore, not not solely to earn income, but in turn, often much to spend. In another way, some of these documents are able to protect any private entrepreneur, say for example, from non-profitable investments funds in some projects.

So basically it is not excluded in that case if it will introduce errors in someone's advice, or he believe unverified information. Data necessary to document belongs Help egrp. So, egrp, it is nothing otherwise, in fact as a general public register of real estate rights. In other words, this register is public information resource, which directly has different information about existing and course of the termination of rights to real property. Should be mentioned that this statement, very realistic, you can specify that say the structure, which is actually a private entrepreneur is going to get, or directly that he persuaded to invest the money in detention, and therefore, such steps entrepreneur necessarily lead to the loss of his own money. More recently, there was defined system to order the data reference. However, she was artificially developed, and in reality, actually that is not only robbed the businessman precious time, but it and forced to spend no due to expansion as well as the prevalence of the Internet, and naturally rise to its vast portals, to issue the required certificate, fully possible without leaving your home or apartment or office.

When Thus, there is also an option to specify, in principle, how long will require a statement. Naturally, the less like life, so to some extent, the above will definitely be worth such a certificate. But somehow, in many cases, it is this would eliminate unprofitable deals. It is worth however to allocate one more essential for virtually every entrepreneur statement. This document is an extract of the cadastral area. As is known, the state inventory of any property, it is a systematic set of data taken into account real estate, namely, a federal resource. This statement, at 100 percent give all the necessary information about the area, or any object. After the procedure, familiarity with this particular certificate is fully possible to ascertain the true situation with respect to, any specific plot, or else object. A necessary statement of the inventory whatever real estate, as it is possible to order a special portal in the web of the Internet. Besides, the real issue and in general any desired extract, delivery own working office.

Kazantip Nature Reserve

Shooting paintings "Inhabited Island" held at Kazantip Nature Reserve. To filmmakers to charges of causing damage to the nature of the peninsula is not once hit by environmentalists. Filming the paintings were kept secret, however, as it became known, the film crew caused irreparable damage to the Crimean nature. The first conflict took place after both beach filmmakers left charred pieces of foam – the scenery for the tanks. News reports said that during filming in Kazantip harmed populations of legless lizard, heavy military equipment destroyed the flora and fauna and the landscape has changed, and extras trampled rare plants.

Actor and director Fyodor Bondarchuk, Ukrainian ecologists denies accusations. By New Year, China donated pandas to Taiwan as a symbol of strengthening the friendship two four bamboo bear Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan arrived on Dec. 24 from the Chinese province of Sichuan on a new home – the island of Taiwan as a kind of symbol of strengthening relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. The arrival of the pandas shows significant warming of relations between Beijing and Taipei, which became possible after coming to power on the island of the new administration, headed by Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomintang. Former Taiwanese authorities for political refused to accept the explanation of these animals, which are offered as a gift to the mainland in 2005. Their names – Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, in combination give 'tuanyuan' which in Chinese means 'meeting after a long absence' or 'Reunion'.

Participation: The Exercise Of The Citizenship

Participation: the exercise of the *Por citizenship Joo originally Hisses Article published by the Objective Periodical in, ed. 13 (October of 2009). In the previous article, it was spoken that the Public Security that we desire depends on our participation. Here, we will talk a little on the participation, that is part of the exercise of the citizenship. So that if it understands the exercise of the citizenship, she is necessary to reflect what it comes to be citizenship.

This word is originary of Latin ' ' civitas' ' , and it means city. Thus, citizen would be the pertaining a city, the possessor of the right to participate of collective the social one, to exert the right politician, social civilian and in the society. Dallari affirms that the term ' ' express a set of rights that of to the person the possibility to actively participate of the life and the government of its povo.' ' 1 From the process of Brazilian reverse speed-democratization, the social movements if had made operating, responsible forts and for substantive changes in the fabric social Brazilian that had culminated with the Constitution Citizen of 1988. It was the first and real moment in the people who if made to perceive, being possessing of voice and time. The public security, in this context reverse speed-democratizante, erroneamente continued being treated with ' ' case of polcia' ' , specific and restricted subject to the old institutions. Such dissociao of the context of present citizenship at the new Brazilian historical moment is pointed by many scholars of the subject as the main reason for the irrisria change. These authors point the public security as being one of the areas of the public politics that if find dived in a credibility crisis? a present crisis in such a way in the field of the police devices, how much in the systems judiciary and criminal? , they more do not obtain, alone, to give answers to the current necessities of the society, nor to inside solve the conflicts of the context of a democratic State of right.

First Campaign

As it were announced yesterday by corporative of Alvarez Puga & Associated (mainly within this space and the social networks of AP& A), initiates the first campaign of donation of toys for children and Mexican children of low resources. Of some form, the corporative hope that this one counts on a high degree of participation. It is not of mentioning more than in the present year, 2011, corporative Alvarez Puga & Associated it has bet strongly to stimulate to all the equipment that conforms corporative and the network of offices throughout the national territory, so that they cooperate with the Enterprise Social actions for damages that Alvarez Puga is impelling. Of the same form, AP& To it has undertaken a series of action of internal communication in which they make see his employees and Managers the importance of generating action with a social bond more fort. When speaking with the personnel of Alvarez Puga & Associates, are well-known as he is becoming jumbled all the AP&amp equipment; To in mechanisms that impel the Enterprise Social Responsibility of of company. It is thus, that this first Campaign of Donation of Toys Alvarez Puga & Associates, have the purpose, as he says his name well to it: " Together by a Sonrisa" , to make smile to the greater possible amount of children and children. This campaign has started today and will finish the 31 of December. In 15 days of duration Directive and organizing of the campaign, they wait for " to break expectativas" they think that the results will be fruitful and that all the personnel who conforms corporative Alvarez Puga will contribute " its granite of arena" donating a specific toy as it the poster of the campaign that has begun to be placed in the offices. The important thing is that " Together by one sonrisa" it is a simple campaign, in which the personal one only must donate a toy, which as well, will mean the smile of a boy or girl who probably is not going to receive any gift this Christmas and day of Kings. With this, it is the personal satisfaction as much, of all those donors, like of all the equipment Alvarez Puga & Associates, to begin to develop this type of actions with contained fort social, that demonstrate that the Enterprise Social Responsibility is present more than ever as much in the Corporative one as in the diverse offices of the country. " Together by one sonrisa" it is a pillar more in the pyramid of action of social content that Alvarez Puga & Associated he has begun to fortify in this 2011 and that he will still more impel throughout 2012.

Campaign School

A boy who costumava not to bring task and did not copy in the room when receiving a positive ticket in its notebook, said that this it would very like to show for the parents, talks with it saying that it had capacity and that with determination he would gain many other tickets as that one, and we had an incredible return, since in the other day it brought the ready task of house and was proud to have carried through the alone task, according to it the first one that it carried through, we perceive that simple words had changed its behavior because it passed copying and to bring the tasks. Many had been to the experiences lived deeply in the period of these five weeks, the children had visited places of the city that are being used as garbage deposits, had made a selective collection of the garbage collected in the patio of the school for them. from this activity we create the children together with a squadron of the cleanness, and with the posters and the lixeiras constructed for them we were of room in room divulging the campaign for the colleagues and professors of the school campaign: ' ' All together for a school more limpa' '. In the start the children were shy, but when receiving the support from the colleagues, professors and of the director of the school had liked the activity, he had a group of responsible children for each lixeira and in the hour of the recreation they had placed the lixeiras in the patio of the school and to it I finish it interval we were to verify if the too much children had used the lixeiras. In this activity we perceive the satisfaction of the children when seeing its posters spread for the corridors of the school in its initiative being adhered by all.

Meteorological Organization

The festividades in our city Guarabira-PB, Christmas, New Year etc. had been all, and adentramos as Christian the Campaign of the Fraternity (2011), with a subject sufficiently divulged in all the media. The Campaign of the Fraternity and the Life in the Planet have as subject ' ' The creation moans in pains of parto' ' (RM 8,22). The magnitude what it deals with and it approaches the subject global heating climatic changes lode in good hour. The church through the National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil? CNBB, will sufficiently have activities and work in passing to the Christians the importance not to degrade. The cause of this climatic disequilibrium is argued by the researchers has decades, also in different chains. The skeptics and the scientists place the subject in holistic and careful way.

Some understand that the global heating is deriving of process of the proper nature and others affirm, that the planet this presenting heating, that has as origin to the great amounts of emissions of effect gases greenhouse that if they intensify from the moment of industrialization of many countries, is resultant of the antrpicas actions. But what it is the global heating? According to site (, the global heating is a climatic phenomenon of wide extension? increase of average temperature of the surface of the land that comes happening in last the 150 years. However, the meaning of this increase of temperature, still is object of many debates between the scientists, natural causes or antropognicas (provoked for the man), it has been proposals to explain the phenomenon. The IPPC (Intergovernamental Panel for the Climatic Changes established by United Nations and World-wide the Meteorological Organization in 1988). In its report, more recent it says that the majority of the heating is observed, during last the 50 years. If it very must probably to a effect increase greenhouse, having strong evidence, of that the majority of the heating, either had the activities human beings (including stop beyond the increase of the greenhouse gases, others alterations, as for example, had to a bigger use of underground waters and the ground for agriculture and industry, beyond, of a bigger energy consumption and pollution).