Auriferous Company

In a escravista society, the main protagonists were the slaves, the free and poor men. At the hands of them they had passed the gold and the precious rocks that had fed the finances of Portugal, and enriched on public agents the Crown in Brazil. If all the wealth, that fed the finances of Portugal and its public agents in Brazil, passed at the hands of the free and poor men, because these had not enriched? Because of the oppression of the treasury department and the laws that defended the interests of the Crown and local rulers. To show for population that the society was igualitria joust and, some religious festividades in the Captainship of Mines had been carried through. The preparation for the parties was enormous, the cities luxuriously were decorated and decorated for the religious festividades. The Chambers of the Metropolis and of the Colony esbanjavam money in these religious parties and finished being without money, for the expenses as conservation of roads, improvement of the condition of life for the population and other things more.

The religious yearnings in these parties they passed far, therefore, were in them that the populations of the city if found and if they communicated, therefore, was the great amusement of the people. The religious yearning, did not exist, what he was festejado in the truth was the success of the auriferous company. As that if at that moment, all had to the reach the precious metal, the gold. During the religious parties, it fell in the esquecimento, to the social differences and conflicts. The image of a rich and full society of good, manipulated for the pomp of the baroque parties, was in the truth a form to hide the poverty and the hunger that the mineradora society devastated.

Therefore the conditions to make richness, with the capitation of the precious metal, were almost impossible. This because, the treasury department, the taxation on the slaves, the purchase and maintenance of would escravaria, the expenses you did not quantify, this everything, in the end of the accounts the balance, was always negative. The more, the production of the gold increased more profit was extracted, for the Crown through the system fiscal. As it says the popular said one: ' ' From above one goes up and of low desce' '. Then the appearance of wealth, luxury and ostentation of the baroque parties was for hiding the poverty that was for backwards of a gold that in the truth alone existed for the Crown and the public agents in Brazil. In truth nothing escaped of system fiscal colonial, that by means of the treasury department, taxation on slaves and other things more, was the way that the Crown had to remove the gold, of the captainship. Thus generating a bigger poverty, disabling the colonist, to buy slaves, in a escravista society and this still more moved the poverty and the decay of the mining society. Making with that some people abandoned the Mines, in search of agriculture in other captainships. The biggest victim of the fiscal system of the Crown, was the son of the Mines, therefore they had been, without nothing of its, gold and diamonds, that were absorbed by the Portuguese sponge. Leaving them thus, in the misery, hungry and in the decay. The hunger, misery and the decay are equal to the increase of the unevenness of conditions of life of the men.

Sacred Divine

After the departure of ours loved biological mothers Iemanjs, We sing for the line of works spirituals, Where manifest it line of responsible work for the attendance in that day I specify and we total see the manifestation of espritos self-sacrificing and come back toward the pure charity, taking care of to everything and all without color distinction, race, sex or creed, without wanting to convert nobody the nothing, but simply being a lenitivo in the life of the people who until a they are taken and with a word of Faith, affection clarification, guides the people, renews its faith in God, they despertam the force summons and guide to believe that proper they are temples livings creature of God and are same priests of itself and as alive temple of God has to remain itself virtuous so that thus the deity of the Father can reveal through it and of its acts before its fellow creatures. It inhales in the people who look the will to them to grow and to evolve spiritual, so that one day also luminous ways can become where many had started to tread. The Guides Spirituals of Umbanda make this and much more, therefore Gods devote it as its instruments livings creature to rescuing all the children Of it the Creative The holy ghost Olorum, so that in a faith act they are offered as alive offerings to serve our Creative The holy ghost through its Sacred Divine qualities the Orixs. When finishing the attendance of the assistance, the protective guides who were gifts in the works go collecting it its plain spiritual, saying farewell themselves to all and being thankful for plus one day of work, and we, its children spirituals of knees and eyes closed we go thanking its presence luminous in our lives and are thankful all that had been helped by Them according to merit and the necessity of each one, we entoamos I sing of farewell and of ascent of the lines of works, being in ours I summon a beneficial energy of homesickness.

Social Service

DESCRIPTION OF the SOCIAL SERVICE IN BRAZIL the history of the Social Service, as it emphasizes Hisses (…) does not have to be understood as a chronology of facts, but in its linking with the general context of the society (…) that is, the history of the economic processes, the classrooms and proper social sciences (1995, p.35). Leaving of this agreement, the occured changes in the Brazilian society in the decade of 30 from the development of the capitalist system, of the antagonistic and contradictory relationship between the classrooms, which if points out in the process of the social relations in the different conjunctures, had been extremely important for gnese of the profession, starting to search recital theoretical, producing new knowledge in the direction in such a way to take care of new how many the existing demands already. Thus, the historical trajectory of the Social Service in Brazil if of the tied one with some factors, amongst them the social movements, added the strategies of the Church Catholic in answering the inherent demands to the Brazilian society, the participation of the called State to intervine in the social matter as half to attenuate the reivindicativas fights of the diligent classroom. In such a way the existence of the Social Service in Brazil, gains density for the faced social necessities in the bulge of the capitalist development, which is translated new demands for the profession. Manrique quotation that: The Social Service in Brazil appeared historically in the interior of the social movements, of the concrete strategy developed by the church catholic to answer to the effect of an increasing hegemony in the civil society and the State, being promoted a vast movement of cariz spiritual that it looked to launch deep roots in the politics and the economy (2000, p.100).

From this context, the necessity of the legitimation of the profession occurs, meaning new chances of work, where the Social Service ‘ ‘ dominantes’ leaves of being an instrument of distribution of the private charity of the classrooms; ‘ (IAMAMOTO, 1994, p.31), to take care of and to execute directed politics the laboring classroom. However, the Social Service in Brazil influenced for the Movement of reconceituao occurred in the American countries Latin, which occurred in way to the fights of classrooms, social claims, starts to question the imported methods, unchaining significant changes in the profession in a conjuncture of deepening of the debate politician in the society. For one better Faleiros understanding quotation that: The reconceituao is without a doubt, integrant part of the process of erosion of the Social Service ‘ ‘ traditional e, therefore, in this measure, allotment of its causalidades and characteristics. As such, it not it can be thought without the reference to the global picture (economic-social, politician, cultural and strict professional) where that one if develops (NETTO, 2005, p.146 and apud Faleiros, 1987, p.51). In this way, the movement of Reconceituao brought stops.


They are Joo Landmarks also had its moments of glory, as if it could perceive through the great production of coffee that existed in its region. Its monuments architectural very called the attention the ones that way passed. It was a city where the money, generated mainly for the coffee, if showed through the constructions. Also possua important places, that generated some jobs and served as source of leisure for the marcossenses. For 1890 return, two public schools Are Joo Landmarks possua; an agency of the post offices; a gafieira; a hospital; a pension; a theater, called Tibiri; two churches of Are Joo Landmarks and pertaining to the brotherhood of Ours the Lady of the Rosary constructed and frequented for the blacks in the time of the slavery.

The church of the matrix, of the padroeiro of the city was still more rich in decorations, with towers already evolving for the Baroque one. Its interior one was all decorated in gold; It also had two cemetaries, of the Brotherhood and of the Charity For the Poor persons; two periodicals, ' ' Municpio' ' , that he was closed in 1932 and ' ' The Bandeira' ' , one gives credit that older; stills and until a fabric plant that was transferred to Tame Bar in 15 of November of 1909, as it showed to the periodical Barramansense memory, published in 9 of May 2007. Plant was called Fabrics and Wiring Is Jose and belonged Mr. Jose Norberto de Mello. These are only some more important places that they were found in the city. Amongst them also the clubs are distinguished. It had two clubs: the Marquense Club, with soccer and dances for the associates and the Pleasure of Colored people, more popular and imbatvel in the carnival. By the way, the carnival was one of the main parties of the city.

Brazilian Services

In the chapter health one parcels out considerable of the population that possua formal job or without conditions not to appeal to the private services had started to have access to the services of health in all the complexity levels and that before they were restricted to the charity and filantropia. An important accomplishment in this process was the insertion in the constitutional text of the health as right of citizenship and duty of the State, what it enhanced and it gave to legal force of public relevance to the actions and services of health. The SUS is consequence of the Brazilian Sanitary Reformation, originated of the sanitary movement, process politician who mobilized the Brazilian society to consider new politics and new models of system organization, practical services and of health. This deep reform in the public health also serves of reference for others public politics. country transforms a system centered, privatized, based in the health concept as absence of illness and with the focus in the health care attention in Only System of Sade (SUS): decentralized, participativo, universal, with social control, taking care of to all without distinction and with an extended concept of health as quality of life. It enters the devices of the Constitution meets it creation of the System Unified and Decentralized of Sade (SUDS).

Based in the beginning of integration of all the services of health, particular public and; to constitute a hierarquizada and regionalizada net with the participation of the community in the administration of the local units. Being that the private sector of health was defined as complementary form to the public services and the filantrpicas entities they would have paper auxiliary in the functioning of the SUDS. The project of municipalizao of the health services found obstacles that had condemned to the failure other decentralizing projects in virtue of many cities to apply part or total of the mount of money destined to the health in other sectors of the public administration and the refusal of the rendering of particular service if to submit to the unified system.

Sisters Medicine

I think about an including shelter, with which we can demonstrate to love and interest for the life of the patient and the will to brighten up its pain, assisting it to become it its calmer death and with little suffering in the cases of patient terminals. The objective of this work is to prove how much the religion can influence of beneficial or maleficent form in the treatment of patient terminals, verifying the possibilities of that the same one can or not to help in the relief of the suffering of the terminal customer and to show the necessity of the attention to the espiritualidade with the terminal patient. 2 ESTIMATED 2,1 THEORETICIANS the History of the Espiritualidade in the Care with Patient Even so the indication of the necessities spirituals of a patient as part of a medical treatment is seen as something today new and different, this practical is in the very old truth. But inside of the last hundreds of years the medicine and the religion had followed different ways and the doctors had started to ignore these subjects. For all the history of the humanity, religion and medicine had walked together. During good part of the time, the Christian church controlled the universities where the medical training was done and directed the license so that the doctors exerted the medicine. (KOENIG, 1997, P. 11).

Still more strong of what the connection between medicine and religion is the historical linking between religion and nursing. The craft of the nursing came directly of the church, with the Sisters of Charity of Is Vicente de Paula starting to organize nuns catholics to serve as many religious and not-religious hospitals in 1617 (KOENIG, 1997, P. 11). Each time more science if curve ahead of the largeness and the importance of the espiritualidade in the dimension of the human being.

7 Reasons To Rest In Anapa

Holiday at Sea – is the most memorable and beautiful conduct their own leisure time. It's so nice to lie on the sand under the hot pure sound of the waves of the sea. It is not necessary to buy a plane ticket and fly somewhere very far, as worthy to hold long-awaited vacation can visit our native Russian territory. Anapa – a perfect place for a holiday in Russia. Nature, sea, value for money – perfect. Black Sea is a classic of the genre holiday season, when everyone escaped because of the desktop tourist can get a lot of positive impressions of colorful memories.

Set of spa centers seasonally takes a huge number of people willing to spend time with pleasure. Rest in Anapa long been famous among regulars Russian resorts and those who drive to rest with the children. Undoubtedly, the major resort centers in Russia are: Sochi, Anapa and . However, every tourist chooses the sea and the beach-specific parameters. For example, Sochi – it is very corny and out of fashion, so the rating of this resort is not as high. Beaches in mainly shingle or small pebbles, so not every tourist prefers to rest on the hot stones.

In contrast to the above the Black Sea resort town of Anapa is distinguished by its obvious advantages, which are more and more attracted to modern tourists. So what are the advantages of the resort town of Anapa? Firstly, local areas of the Black Sea is very clean and protected, so it is not surprising that the most elite beaches overwhelmed by streams of tourists and vacationers. Flat, smooth bottom, and the virtual absence of scalding and dangerous for the life of jellyfish is quite a priority. Secondly, the beaches of Anapa, usually sand. Quality of sand high enough, so it is believed that the cleanest beach resort is just – did Anapa. Third, this place is ideal for both leisure and for the fans just sunbathe and swim in the waves Black Sea. The presence of a wide variety of attractions on the water and extreme entertainment enthralls any inveterate extremals. Fourth, Anapa – a true center of glamor and luxury at bargain prices. Here You can buy a lot of beautiful things for far low prices that will delight not just look vacationer, but insignificant impact on the components of his purse. Fifth, Anapa – a very friendly resort town, home to very friendly people, who with great joy that will acquaint visitors with the advantages of a local nature reserve. People differ in their positive qualities and very friendly. Sixth, Anapa – it is a real hub overnight culture. Here you can relax have fun, not only on the coast, but also a great light at night discos in the open air or in a night club entertainment. Seventh, on kurotah Anapa very beautiful nature, mountainous and very beautiful landscapes. The beauty of these places has praised the great Russian writers and poets. Gourmets can enjoy here are very exotic dishes and the gifts of nature. These Southern fruit: peaches, apricots, grapes – this is no pleasure in the central cities of Russia, therefore, arrived in Anapa to enjoy every moment of every gift, slowly savoring it. The Black Sea town of Anapa – a place where there are real miracles every visitors, so when choosing the next trip during the holidays should pay attention to this lovely city. And here you can find accommodation in Anapa, without intermediaries.


Under James I, who it covered the parents begging was considered ' ' vagabundo' '. Apanhado, was beaten in convicted public and the six months of arrest. Recidivist received a conviction from two years. Such legislation would only be abolished in 1714. In France, the century XVII, ' ' vagabundos' ' they occupied Paris and they were under similar legislation. Luiz XVI, commanded in 1777, ordered to the welshman all man is and robust, of 16 to the 60 years, that profession or way of subsistence did not have. Almost two hundred years before, in 1537, Carlos V conceived a decree for Country-Low, through which the population of the fields, violently expropriated and reduced to the vagrancy, was submitted to the whip, the marks with iron in live coal, to the torture and the slavery. The wage-earners, appeared in the Second half of century XIV, did not form seno a small part of the population.

Its position was protecting in the field for the independent peasants, and in the city for the masters and apprenticees socially joined. The subordination of the work to the capital one was only one formality, specifically capitalist, with the changeable element of the capital prevailing on its element constant. In the truth, the legislation on the wage-earning work started with its matrix of exploration and was being successively directed against it in England, in 1349, as the Statute of Labourers, of 19 Eduardo III, through which it was forbidden, duly warned arrest, to pay or to receive wages higher than the established one legally. Curiously, the penalty shaving who received was bigger! In 1630, another statute allowed a master to get the work for the legal table by means of corporal violence. Since century XIV up to 1825, the coalition one of workers was considered crime. The wages in money went up very, however, of form slower than the depreciation of this and the corresponding rise of the prices of the merchandises, what it meant fall of the real wage.

Wooden House

What is life in an apartment building? It is not always a pleasant interaction with neighbors, noisy companies under windows and staircases, and to put it mildly, not very healthy environment "" Probably the majority of readers have anything to add to this by no means a complete list of "charms" living in a glass-concrete kingdom. And probably no accident revives the tradition of building his own house on the ground. But the question is: how, from what and for what price to build their homes, which will be really convenient, comfortable and will not harm the health of the household? Cost per square meter in Chelyabinsk varies from an average of 27 to 35 thousand rubles. House of laminated veneer lumber Turnkey with the finished roof, windows and doors of the company's "Eco-House Ural costs 25 thousand rubles for a" square ". Standard "" area of 72 square meters would cost about 2.5 million rubles. For the same money you can build a house of laminated board of 90 "squares" (including basement).

A house made of logs of the same general area will cost 810,000 rubles (including basement). Has long been in Russia for the construction of homes used wood. It Wooden houses are considered one of the most environmentally friendly types of housing. Best properties of wood combined with the durability absorbed laminated board. This material is traditionally considered one of the most expensive and is used for building houses the business and elitklassa. But it turns out, the houses from glued beams may be available to a wider range of buyers! "The fact that buyers of cottages from laminated veneer lumber manufacturers often offer the option, without which you can easily dispense with the well to save without sacrificing quality, – the head of a group of companies "Eco-House Ural Maxim Stepanich.

Gabbana Beauty

If a person builds a this beautiful form, and his desire is 'clothed' in endless love and good returns. In other words, beauty is in the form of Kabbalah, meaning of love and the impact that 'puts' on a wish. Eternal striving to embody love So why are we so fascinated beauty that willing to pay for her own good money and effort? Do you want to – believe it or – no, but each of us laid the inner desire to be like, no more, no less, as the Higher Power. A higher power – it the pure force of bestowal and love acting around us. And, despite the fact that we are conducting themselves like wild beasts at times (forgive me readers for this comparison), at heart we are still striving to become similar to that Higher Power, as it is it is our root, and a stronghold of the embodiment of beauty.

That is the reason why (the real reason, but not Claudia Schiffer, Angelica, or Joules), which makes us instinctively ignited from the earth's beauty, because we are really looking for a source of endless beauty. However, due to the fact that now we are cut off from awareness of the truth, to seek, we are trying to reach that inner beauty with the help of external tricks. But the real beauty is not found in any makeup, not in good manners, nor even a chic dress, for which I paid a thousand (!) Dollars. True beauty lies in our attitude to people, to ourselves, to the world around us. And the essence of that beauty lies in giving and loving others. So start hugging people on the street? Not at all! We're not going to put on a sweet fake mask on the ugly face, saying so will gain the inside beauty.

We already went through. All you need to do – is to start a fascinating journey into your inner world, revealing themselves for who we really are and discover what a huge domestic potential hidden within us. Kabbalah says that none of the desire does not arise in a person just like that. And if we live in a never-ending quest to be beautiful, it is because we can find the most extraordinary beauty in our society – the beauty of the Upper Force. Beauty that even now, when we cry, hate, or envy, lives within us. And now that we have clear rules of the game, you just begin to reveal themselves to this beauty, because she herself, as We see no manifest itself, even if we make ourselves a thousand plastic surgeries. Where to start? Need to change your inner attitude towards life. In the present, aimed only at filling itself, the attitude return neighbor. And to help in this adventure, leading us to a meeting with the beauty of the Upper Force, we have to Kabbalah. She awakens and develops the study of man he was sent, the beginning of a loving, his inner beauty, helping to become internally in this timeless and eternal beauty, without spending a penny at Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. Let's be beautiful in its every action … Source article –