Participation: The Exercise Of The Citizenship

Participation: the exercise of the *Por citizenship Joo originally Hisses Article published by the Objective Periodical in, ed. 13 (October of 2009). In the previous article, it was spoken that the Public Security that we desire depends on our participation. Here, we will talk a little on the participation, that is part of the exercise of the citizenship. So that if it understands the exercise of the citizenship, she is necessary to reflect what it comes to be citizenship.

This word is originary of Latin ' ' civitas' ' , and it means city. Thus, citizen would be the pertaining a city, the possessor of the right to participate of collective the social one, to exert the right politician, social civilian and in the society. Dallari affirms that the term ' ' express a set of rights that of to the person the possibility to actively participate of the life and the government of its povo.' ' 1 From the process of Brazilian reverse speed-democratization, the social movements if had made operating, responsible forts and for substantive changes in the fabric social Brazilian that had culminated with the Constitution Citizen of 1988. It was the first and real moment in the people who if made to perceive, being possessing of voice and time. The public security, in this context reverse speed-democratizante, erroneamente continued being treated with ' ' case of polcia' ' , specific and restricted subject to the old institutions. Such dissociao of the context of present citizenship at the new Brazilian historical moment is pointed by many scholars of the subject as the main reason for the irrisria change. These authors point the public security as being one of the areas of the public politics that if find dived in a credibility crisis? a present crisis in such a way in the field of the police devices, how much in the systems judiciary and criminal? , they more do not obtain, alone, to give answers to the current necessities of the society, nor to inside solve the conflicts of the context of a democratic State of right.