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For the simple reason that it is better to have lower wages and survive than to be unemployed and run in search of a piece of bread. I think you know what I mean. At the moment our school is basically rests on the people of the older generation, who have worked there for 20 years – 30, if not all 40. These people all my life worked in the school and even having retired, continue to work until they allow health. Young people, or rather, a young girl who had just graduated from Pedagogical Institute, go to work in a school again because that many at once can not find a decent paying job "is not the specialty". Work as "specialty" but not a decent wage, a chance to acquire experience, work experience and some social benefits, for example, that they will not be fired in case of unexpected pregnancy. And in general, have a chance to somehow survive. Why, in our schools is very rare to see a teacher a man? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that a man should earn (but not only to work) to support his family.

In the preceding sentence, the word "earn" is the key. Therefore, the vast majority of teachers in the school – a woman. Most have families and their husbands "earn" enough for their wives to live safely and comfortably under such conditions that the school provides. Last only contribute to the family budget. The percentage of those teachers who do not have this living arrangement is still quite small. Of course, they are not satisfied with such low wages and, going somewhere with friends, or friends, they express their discontent.

When the bell rings, it's all forgotten, and again real life begins, in which no one will be no one to claim for lack of time, and indeed itself be much more expensive. Motto – "Work and do not like – go away" at school sounds could not be more timely. Therefore, handouts from the state to the best teachers they can get only in the face of fierce competition and cause the approval to the image of the government. But we, ordinary students, past and present, we all know that all our teachers – the best, and they all deserve a decent life!

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