Petrol Money

If you are interested in fuel consumption. Of course, few people would believe that I care about saving other people’s money, so I’m on the other! Do not just hear, but I know that there is a thing that allows you to burn the fuel mixture (either petrol or diesel) in the combustion chamber during the third stroke. Without it, the portion of the mixture burns in the exhaust system. In other words, for their own money to Gray Street (Gadim and more). In this case, is mechanical ‘strain’ car. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Neal Barnard, another great source of information. So, this thing — the catalyst contains platinum atoms.

Here are excerpts from the encyclopedia about the device of the catalytic converter: ‘ Apply a thin layer platinoiridievogo alloy. Unburned residues (CO, ch, NO) touching the surface of the catalyst bed, are oxidized by oxygen to the end ‘ The catalyst creates a film of 10 nm. on the walls of the combustion chamber, in contact with which is more rapid oxidation (read — ‘Burn’) the fuel mixture. As a result, increased capacity, which reduces fuel consumption and more benign temperature exhaust system. Thus, all of science — saving gasoline and air is 75% cleaner. Dear Motorists — all we have or will have children, there is a close, someone besides us truly will think about them?