Pharmaceutical Field

Salesperson Sales worsen in their routine information talks the company image the pharmaceutical industry is in the image review, both specialists and laymen circles, at a very low level. The cause description focused ostensibly on the subject of sponsorship, digging deeper, however, shows that the own field staff in their routine information talks not insignificant contribute to the deterioration of the image. A result of the sales compass investigation ( of the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS) was that the preparations meeting average percentage of the total conversation about old products when established, longtime known employees only 51.7%. The remainder of the interview accounted for “Small Talk”. In a question-answer forum American Diabetes Association was the first to reply. Part of it also refers to information about the represented companies. However, they are always negative according to the practitioners surveyed in the basic tenor dyed. Mainly involves thematically this: unfair treatment by superiors service departments support conflicts with the staff’s lack of bad communication with the management delayed increasing work pressure or missing out details of policy events adverse effects and restructuring measures.

Some employees and employees use the action as a principle of marketing, keyword: “Charity sale” ( such complaints are a corporate cross-phenomenon, a bad image of the industry has formed many doctors, that is fed continuously. The general perception focuses – in terms of press messages especially to the “dark side” of the industry, positive actions and efforts are hardly noticed.The cause of this condition is less the responsibility of employees, but a misaligned sales strategy that relies solely on a drugs-profiling and details of the provider company known as requires. However, the compass study showed that 2/3 of the practitioners surveyed basic information about projects and activities of the companies represented in the survey were interested, they were therefore not known to them, but so far no consultant had responded to this concern.In addition, the image-building of the pharmaceutical industry generally not sustainable enough runs and hence no counterweight to the many sales conversations is mediated influences. The company’s image not only in the field talking on the track will remain so.