Phone Manager

Certainly, all who have a firm dedicated phone number (and only the secretary, as this is familiar), had several times a day gently send phone spammers. I worked in a small company and we began the process of folding case, so the secretary has not been answered, all calls to the line. Well got, just horror. And the last day of life of the firm, removes the tube, and a standard home: – Turn on accounting, we have important information for the principal accountant. A small digression: the chief accountant's wife, so I know what kind of important information – all sorts of 'consultants plus' and 'Guarantors' offer, etc. Lie recklessly, if only they are connected with an accountant. Polite interest: – Why do not you leave? On the other side of confusion: – Where? – Well, the circus has left and you were Even more disconcerting, and then: – What do you mean, who do you take me for? – For the spammers. – We are not spammers.

– Well, let me guess, 'Consultant' or 'Guarantor' want to offer? – Well, yes. – So spammers. – No, I phone the manager (with anger in his voice). – Manager manages, and what you are driving, the phone? – You never dreamed of how I run the phone (now with the apparent anger in her voice). – Every success in managing the phone! And hang up. as they have offended! Within half an hour over the department, these spammers campaign to call – then men, then a female voice calling and asking nonsense, like: 'This is a zoo? ". Apparently, they have more phrases were prepared. But we, all the remnant state firms, have fun and come up with answers like: 'Heropark, it is the Ministry of Culture! " etc. Unfortunately, there came the captain, and had prikratit, and this fax telephone line to hang, not to pester their calls.