Scheduling the distribution in the unit and small batch production includes: distribution of products according to the terms stipulated agreements; selection of products, with design and technological community, to parallel production so as to be able to organize partionnuyu treatment of common parts. Production of such products is fixed for a particular month under terms of the contract; workload analysis equipment for the manufacture of products, with design and technological community, and selection of products for the parallel release to complement them so as to best load the industrial equipment and area; maximum concentration of a certain type of product registration for a limited period of time, which reduces the range of both manufactured products; checking calculations and loading of equipment areas with different combinations of combinations of products to a release by individual months and adjust the target distribution; checking the resulting distribution of the calendar in terms of uniformity of registration; adjustment calculations and obtain the most effective option schedule. For the unit of production characterized by the use of two systems of operative-production planning – and pozakaznoy complete-junction. Production planning aligned and normalized components is carried out by the so-called planning system, "the warehouse". Appropriateness of a particular system of planning (Pozakaznoy and complete-node) is determined by the duration of the production cycle, product assembly or order. With a relatively short cycle of assembly, not to exceed approximately one month, apply pozakaznaya planning system, the essence of which lies in the fact that all the necessary parts to build a hub and mounting products are served well in advance and completed before the start of assembly work.

Harmonization of individual links of the production process of manufacturing parts in the system of planning is carried out through the timely preparation and launch products in the processing based on the cyclic schedule of order with respect to a given release dates. Planning and accounting unit of the assembly plants is an order for one or more products for manufacturing and procurement departments – set of parts or blanks on order. Operational production targets shops are set based on the composite body-annual calendar schedule and the annual production output of the program, distributed over the planning period. The main period, which developed the job is a two-month period. This contributes to continuity of production planning.

Nomenclature of orders and volume of work on the second month are necessary refinements before it starts and in that form part of a regular two-month assignment. Composition of the orders included in the operational production program is defined: time-bound execution of orders on contracts; established procedure passing orders on shops; planned ahead for cyclic graphs; degree of actual readiness of the order to launch a planned month in production at this workshop, in particular the state backlog of orders moving from the previous month. Thus, the operational specification contains a complete list of orders for completion this month (production plan) and the list orders to be launched in production (the plan start-up). In addition to the list of orders, plant nomenclature and schedule contains data on the labor intensity of each order, planned for a month.