Pokleit Wallpaper

First, consider their raznoobraziem.Est whole group wallpaper c deep embossed patterns and the lack of multi-colored pattern. They are called structural (or textural) of wallpaper and are designed for painting. And since they are becoming increasingly popular, as are practical and are in the public price range, today we will tell you about them. There are three types of wallpapers: paper, non-woven and glass fiber. In fact, it's completely different wallpapers as in the manufacture of a variety of materials used in certain combinations. And the advantages and disadvantages of them are different too.

Their common feature – they can be painted or repainted many times. This is usually Any suitable dispersion paints, including latex. In the initial form of these wallpapers are usually white, that is generally unpainted. Less common are colorful, mostly pastel colors: pale green, yellow, cream, blue and pink. Background color can be obtained after staining of an unusual hue. However, these wallpapers can be used without further processing. Paper wallpaper for painting fit for any surface, not even particularly well aligned.

They are usually dual layer, similarly to a friend duplex, but the greater thickness and density. These products are impregnated with a special water-repellent composition, and even after multiple staining retain their water resistance. An interesting variety of paper-based structural wallpapers are so-called coarse-fibered (grubostrukturnye) wallpaper. Relief of their surface is not achieved Traditional embossed, and the method of space between the smooth layers of foundation and cover the wood chips – wood processing waste.