Political Parties

We do not love military man in political parties, in unions of class nor in any religious confession. We respect the freedom of the social volunteers so that they exert its rights in any democratic option. It is not necessary to confuse the abuses of some members of certain NGO in several countries, that can serve as substitute, of smoke screens to palliate the deficiencies of political systems that accept economic readjustments of the World Bank or the IMF, reducing the investments in education, health and fundamental social works. It is lie that the formidable social voluntary military service that has mobilized to million beings from the Seventies is controlled by the World Bank, the IMF, and North American and European imperialism. When hundreds of thousand of young people in Europe and the United States, disillusioned of many ideologies, decided to assume the cause of poorest, of the pressed ones, of the exploded ones and humiliating by an unjust socioeconomic system, they were watched with distrust after the religious institutions.

They thought that field belonged to them. Also they were suspicious for the hall unionists, and we do not say for many executives of great multinationals. It watched them to the right with disdain. Perhaps we do not have we, said, the defense of the communal property, the freedom who offer the market and the democracy? When they included/understood that we assumed solidarity like answer to all unjust inequality, when we were not satisfied with giving to eat to the hungry one but we asked why the poor men passed hunger, when we lay down by million to the streets of the cities, when they saw that we constituted enormous a sociopolitical and cultural force, tried to mine the transparency of our commitment and the generosity to us of the delivery. The left said that ramos of his, while they were prepared to invent NGOs to procure benefits and prebandage. The rights did the same transforming their ideological foundations into non-political societies.

Whereas some religious confessions titled their nondenominational associations like , we understood that we were in danger. For that reason never we wanted to endorse no protest without an alternative proposal, we never wanted to leave the cause of poorest fighting against the poverty and denouncing all oppression and lie, would come from where it came. The hard thing is to verify that the first attacks come from those who before to us new citizens of our time cheered like . But they will not be silent to us because million innocent beings in the world would reproach it to us.