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Imagine sitting with the remote control in front of your TV. We put on channel 1, one minute after you change the channel and so on. Why? You see the same and the same. Time is important, whether for pleasure or work, time is money. Your readers want to spend your time productively and want to get some value.

However, as Blogger, you may be feeling that you be repeating over and over again. What theme or excites you motivates you? By chance I found four ways to inject enthusiasm and interest in what I write with a correspondence of more participation in my blog. Let me share them. 1 .- Think of an investigation as opposed to yours in relation to the topics of your blog. Then discuss them.

Wait to see what happens. I really pleasantly surprised. 2 .- Choose an idea from another site. For example, I visit a site like scribd.com and I read something in the trends section. What you see is what more we speak. Choose a topic that I find interesting, though not related to topics of my blog, and write something about that idea I chose. Remember a new idea is a renewal of your readers. 3 .- Use a fable. Aesop's fables have endured for centuries. Why use stories to demonstrate the truth? You can also find similar stories in your family. If you care enough to write about it then do it. 4 .- Stay calm. Any idea will not be an instant success. Think of your blog site or the construction of a building starting from the foundation to the top floor of this. A building in which readers will find something of interest.