Professional Marketing Answers

Perhaps you are looking a job and are anxious to soon start to work. You know that she is not as soon as function first has the election, the tests, the interview, the examinations and alone later that she will go to start to work. But the Interview is basic that it is everything of the skill that the interviewer desires that he is, and for this I go to give 10 basic Tips to it for any type of Interview: to 1.Procurar to dress adequately for the position. to 2.Chegar at least 30 minutes before knowing the place and if adapting to the environment. to 3.Procurar to control its emotions, as nervousness, impatience, fear.

4.Olho in the eyes of the Interviewer. 5.Evite to badly say of the other jobs and fellow workers. 6.Procura to know the company who this interviewing to it, what it makes, what vende, where current. 7.Seja objective and frank with its answers. 8.Evite to make many piadinhas. 9.No lies in the answers. 10.E finally, either you yourselves. Either confident. Good luck! Elsio Lopes Baptist, is author of the book the Success of the Empregabilidade, was managing of the Educational Center Promotes in Manaus per 10 years, today he is council member for whom want its Professional Marketing better