The disease known as osteoarthritis is a condition that affects both median as older people. The symptoms of this illness ranging from some small inconvenience, to a totally disabling pain and treatment of this disease seeks the reduction of pain and improvement of the mobility of the respective movement. When the expected relief is not achieved, you can proceed to the hip surgery. The surgeon who carried out the surgery, is who will finally assess if you can and if it should be in your particular case, a replacement of the hip prosthesis. To be evaluated is finally the strength member and your hips, your function articulate and how it is to feel, tilts and moves the patient determined. In case that the x-ray shows severe damage, the orthopaedic surgeon may suggest a replacement hip surgery articulate. The replacement of the hip prosthesis, has evolved to the point that has become one of the most reproducible procedures and more secure according to the statistics. This substitution has managed to transform the lives of thousands and thousands of patients, who are given the chance again be active with less pain. A. Verastegui hold.