Psychologists In Hospitals

When the infectious illnesses represented the preponderant cause of mortality, the problems of health more serious than the medicine face today are the chronic-palliative illnesses. Read additional details here: Nieman Foundation. Currently, that the mortality and morbidade indices are each time more gifts and related to the behaviors and harmful habits of life the health. Psychology is the science whose object of study includes the analysis, prediction and the modification of the factors that affect the behavior. Aiming at the promotion and the maintenance of the physical and emotional health, the prevention and the treatment of the illnesses and the identification of etiolgicos and disgnostic correlatos of health.

In ampler direction being able to promote some analysis, formation and improvement of the health system. The proper insertion of the psychologist in the hospital unit is one of them. Therefore, one of the objectives of the psychologist who acts in the hospital area is to try to minimize the suffering of the patient and its family. The work is focal, centering itself in the suffering and the repercussions that the patient suffers with the illness and hospitalization, associate to other factors as life history, the form as it assimilates the illness and its profile of personality. When it is said of a hospitalized patient, not if they must exclude the emotional and social processes in the attempt to understand and to diagnosis the illness, since its installation until its development for the medicine that had a dualista vision that the body and has lain was separate identities. In the same way, a physical illness this frequently associated the emotional and psychological riots that, if treated cannot contribute for its aggravation or until its cronificao. What we have observed, still, is that some disgnostic techniques make of some great doctors specialists who do not have time more than TO LISTEN TO its patient in its necessities.