Public Farm

The judges who comungam with this agreement use as acessoriedade example the interests, that are accessory of the main mount of money and that without this simply they do not exist. Ademais, knows that the execution against the Public Farm is an execution that follows a special regimen, where, for example, does not exist expropriatrios acts, nor summon to pay distrainment duly warned, but yes a chronological line of creditors (Precatrio) that it must be respected, reason by which, although independent, the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute cannot be executed of fracionada form of the main value, having, yes, to respect the differentiated constitutional regimen of the execution against the Public Farm. Thus, duly warned I confront the constitutional device, defends this chain that in face of the rule, according to which the accessory right follows the luck of the main one, the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute must be requested by precatrio if under this regimen of execution the main credit will have been processed. In summary, these are the main arguments of the chain that defends the impossibility of the fracionamento of the credit exequendo in desfavor of the Public Farm. 3 RIGHT INDEPENDENT OF LAWYER IN TO EXECUTE SENTENCE IN PART REFERRING TO HONORARY Of other north exists chain doctrinal, and even though some judgeships, although isolated, that it comes more if fortifying each time with the agreement of that are not only possible as it is a right of the lawyer in executing its legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute of independent form of the main one, of such luck that, exceeded the legal ceiling, they cannot receive its credit through solicitation from small value, exactly when the main value if to submit the regimen of precatrio. In turn, striking what it comes being defended for the first chain, this second line understands that the purpose of the rule contained in 8 of art.