Public Service, Private Service

I will have two examples of how things work in our country, of course non-generalizing, but on the contrary, I would be the first to be delighted that what I am going to tell are exceptions. Case a) I’m going to management with the City, I just have to issue a receipt (Ay is for the local council can collect them!). Hours of customer / citizen is until two in the afternoon and get there before an idea unless his is the picture: there must be about ten tables to the public, of which one or two are empty in one you are on a girl and the rest looks like a poster of a future of service , although officials are doing business.

Beyond it is another group of people in animated conversation, but they should not serve the public. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Neeman Foundation has to say. Finally, turn to queue, but also the girl who already are serving, only one person ahead of me, so no problem (in principle) However, at the end to meet this girl, the only staff who provide the service decides that enough is enough for today a “are the two least ten, and sits on the board of another colleague to chat. The other boy and I looked in amazement. We now have ten tables, and serves, prophylaxis! Time passes and hope come two in the afternoon. Since there seem to be intended to address, I decided to approach one of the officials with the sign out of service..