Puppy And Dog Socialisation Under Dogs

Puppies need contact with other dogs, a dog knows the most dog rules since his birth. The dogs snap is very innate. When the puppy comes weeks 8 to but his human Pack, he can forget so fast a lot. Therefore, also the behaviors must be practiced by dogs with dogs at the puppy age. A dog is a pack animal and a pack will only work if everyone knows his role and his position. Boy Scouts of America spoke with conviction. It is therefore very important that a puppy get to know as many other dogs. The etiquette among dogs are gebellt, geknurrt, fooled to and tricked often somewhat rough it we.

The dogs have your own language. Sometimes it has been feeling uncomfortable as observers and wants to save his dog preferably immediately. But a normal”dog another dog is not seriously injured. Only the roles are distributed. If for a puppy dicey, it throws itself on the back and peeing or he’s licking the lips of the other dog. If the little cheeky Terrier around the puppy age has learned that there are little do to mess with his size with a great Dane, is he not do this also, when he is older. But also the great should learn early how to circumvent its smaller conspecifics. A puppy should learn so many dog breeds.

He must also here to gain experience and have fun in free play and try out. Immediately to raise their puppies in every possible threat”helps neither you nor the dog. “Be not alarmed when a puppy in an encounter with an adult dog winselnd and quickt and anxious with the pinched tail” responds. These behaviors are therefore not a reason for them for a dog normally and to interfere.