Real Estate Demand

As shown by statistics, at the end of the ninth two thousand years there was an increase in the number of real estate transactions. The whole two thousand nine, the year was difficult for the real estate market, stagnation, lack of demand, and by the end of the year increasing demand. Where did this demand. According to analytical agencies, triggered pent-up demand. That is the demand that people put off indefinitely, and that's the end of the year decided to buy myself a gift or estate. Yes I do not argue.

There is a psychological aspect of the end of the year, when it is necessary to sum up the year, to finish something that does not have time to do during the year. How, then, at the expense of pent-up demand. Yes, the crisis has shown that property which had such growth rates may become cheaper, while a year ago no one believed it. Where did these prices. Yes, it just happens Race investments when bank deposits were given ten percent per annum, and investment in business – And then there was work to do, but in the real estate it's easier after a couple of months, you can sell twice as expensive. Let us recall the moments when the buyer had to pay now to his property, which he chose not went up to him. It's now a buyer can walk around it, half a year under different names for the same object, waiting for price drops to an acceptable level.