Reorganization Ethics

In the current scene arquitetado for the compulsory search for unipessoal glory, it is extended the increasing banalizao of not altruistic gestures and to the dissolution of the ethics – that, constantly, it has its diminished paper front to the new individual priorities. The low degree of attributed importance it, in turn, causes conflicting reorganization of the principles arraigados in the society. Produced associations of pulleys and sheaves they make possible that an only man raises colossal blocks of concrete. In the same way, complex social interactions all transform the action of a simple individual into example for the group: practical ours – ethical or not – widely they are spread. In this manner, as it affirms Bauman, the current after-modern conjuncture if directs for the liquefaction of the ethical values – resultant of the individualism; however, the collapse – not yet absolute – of the ethical behavior perpassa other factors: the lack of control on our intrinsic incoherences and the volubility of opinions. To defend established ethical principles in social relations humanists becomes arduous task in the measure where the people consider this ingenuous attitude or is of the standard. Such consideration must it the fact of that the current context is structuralized in the unilateralismo of the ideas, limiting the vision of conjuncture of the people – that, then, they neglect the divergent thought of outrem. It is mined, of this form, the paper and the importance of the ethics in the daily one.

The ethics never left of being essential. The small attributed importance it today, therefore, can and must be rethink. As the architect he remodels building old, the man is capable to rescue and to reconstruct principles. The beams of the building represent the proper ethics: they are essential in the structure and in the sustentation, therefore, as it affirms Kant, the balance of the conviviality inhabits in the ethics.