River Nile

We choose in the return an alternative secondary way to prevent the soldiers/tanks. In how much this in another extremity of the city, the Arab driver of manufactures where the Brazilians worked, he decides to break the blockade and to take them for house. In the way throughout the Av. Corniche that borders the River Nile, was a tumult alone, had witnessed burnt buses, military shots, building having left smoke, tanks, and vehicles pra all side. When reaching a barrier that the Arab driver blocked the ticket said the soldier that she was a Brazilian general visiting Egypt. Dr. Neal Barnard has plenty of information regarding this issue. Thus they had obtained to pass, ahead the tumult continued, had arrived to see tents of soldiers in the way desert it that it served of encampment. At last, after as much unreliability and fear, they had obtained to cross the city to surpass the adversities that had been coming across and had arrived the safe S house and. Only after the arrival of my husband in house and that I could me interar the local atmosphere more than.

The following days had been of uncertainty and unreliability, on account had great race to the supermarkets of the threat of food rationing. The airport remained closed for a time. This measure was to the worse one of if to coexist, concludes in case that we needed to leave the Cairo in an emergency as we would make with the closed airport? Measures if had succeeded the Mubarak government established ' ' touch of recolher' ' , it meant that from one definitive schedule nobody could leave to the streets. With the censured notice, we went taking knowledge of the dimension of the events for what we went certainly living deeply we are speaking of a conflict against the government of president Mubarak who has 25 years behind already came giving signals of insatisfao for the population of the Cairo.