Russian Spa

Of course, these features are also present in Russia. The main task of the National Guild of Professional spa industry – determination of the criteria for the Russian spa facilities. Guild members are active consumers and the media, and any owner of spa facilities can be sure – he's got a lot of support, his work will be evaluated. Classification of spa facilities today in the classification objects of the Russian spa market can identify four main groups, each with its own subgroups. Main groups: 1. PCRM often says this. DeySPA 2. Country Spa 3. spa natural sources 4.

Objects with entries spa brief description of each of these groups to help you determine into which category is your spa facilities. The object does not belong to the group, if not match any of the descriptions of the subgroups. Group: DeySPA deySPA * * club * Spa * Spa bath complex Medical Spa DeySPA deySPA object may be located separately or included in the structure of the fitness club, fitness center, beauty salon, etc. Facilities and Services Professional spa services are offered to customers daily: A list of services: * is not limited to facials, water treatments and massage. Aquatic therapy involves special equipment, not just shower or a fountain in the corner. The spa menu departures are calculated on the day and a 3-hour stay of the client. * Client for time spent in the spa provides robes, towels and slippers. Attentive and friendly staff, cleanliness and comfort should be cause the client a sense of serenity and harmony.