September Ikea

Water is a September campaign Nordpol that the agency has launched Ikea for the German market. ? Wait until September? would be translated into Spanish and it shows online as Nils, a young German, lives in a house empty and unfurnished. You can contact him in any way or even visit him in person or follow his footsteps with live video, as you can see through Adverblog.

It was assumed that the idea of enclosing the campaign was staying while awaiting the launch of the catalogue of September Ikea to furnish the house, one imagines. But the catalog has already received and there is still unfurnished room since the campaign began in late August. In the meantime, the interest lies in knowing what will happen within 10 days (starting from September 1), or surprise to be prepared eventually Ikea. What one can not deny is that they have managed to draw attention, and not just with an original idea. But of course, are still being seasons of Big Brother and continue seeing each year, cultivating our soul of voyeur. So passing day, there remains Nils and the Germans via the website of the campaign to see what he does.