Silent Destiny

Silent destiny. Memory match is a new game of intelligence, concentration and strategy. This type of game can be played by students and children educational purposes since he trains the absolutely essential skills to the process of learning such as memory and attention. This concentration free online game can be also useful for adults as a daily exercise to stimulate his brain. Concentration games are traditionally treated letters when the task of the player is to turn the letter and then find your partner. Silent destiny. Memory match offers its own peculiarities and its plot of game. Talking about the history of the game, the protagonists have committed themselves to achieve the magical Grael and stop a giant robot called Drill Drone at any price.

For now, its objective is to collect all the stones of Agamat who manage to find and the player is invited to participate in this adventure! After reading the history of this free puzzle game, click on any letter to disclose the Stone Agamat (in purple) and tries to match the stone with your partner. Center for Responsible Business has much to offer in this field. Remember that Drill Drone represents a threat because all their attacks deplete your life bar and lead to Game Over. However, in addition to the already mentioned elements of classic concentration game, Silent Destiny, just like all the famous card games, requires the development of your own strategy of opening of the squares in the search for the stones to win. You can click randomly on the cards, but in this case, your guess is less than if for example trying to remember its location. During the course of the game after that some letters are already revealed, players with good memory could remember in your mind where exactly they have seen this couple. Although the last thing is not easy due to a large variety of stones, stars, and geometric forms introduced by the creators of the game. Then there is another option: the player can try to write the location of the stones in the paper, but doing so risks stay without time. There is a calculator of time why you cannot just relax and think too much before opening a new Charter. The estimated time to complete the level is equal to three minutes. Give your brain a little exercise while you are looking for couples in this new game of concentration and memory Silent online destiny. Memory match! Original author and source of the article.